12 awesome reasons to start juicing today

There’s an inherent excitement that comes with discovering something new. For example, when you hear a new song you want to play it for your friends or when you see a new movie you can’t wait to discuss it.

Needless to say, when I started juicing, I wanted to make fresh drinks for everyone I knew!

Instead I’ll settle for sharing 12 awesome reasons to start juicing today.

reasons to start juicing today


But first, what type of juicer do I need?

The type of juicer you choose depends on the type of juice you plan on making. If you fancy green juices (for example using spinach, kale, or collard greens), you’ll want a machine that can adequately chop the leaves and then press them through a screen to extract the juice. These are called slow, cold-press or masticating juicers.

But the most common juicers are called centrifugal juice extractors. These have a metal blade that separates the pulp from the juice as it rotates against a mesh screen. When it does this, the blade tends to heat up and may break down or oxidize the nutrients. In other words, this process may not be as healthy as using a cold- press juicer.

But no matter what type of juicer you use, here are 12 awesome reasons to start juicing today!

Beat the slump

Are you familiar with the afternoon slump? When it hits, do you grab a caffeinated drink or a packaged snack in an attempt to regain your energy? Next time you feel groggy or your stomach starts growling, make and drink a fresh juice. Chances are you’ll feel way more satisfied and motivated to face the next phase of the day.


Start a conversation

Once you get in the habit of juicing, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll want to talk about the nutritional benefits of fresh juice (not to mention the great tastes!). As a juice enthusiast you’ll never struggle to come up with the perfect conversation starter.

Start a trend

Juicing may increase your energy levels, boost your moods, improve your skin, and keep colds at bay. As soon as your friends and family notice these positive effects, we bet they’ll want to be in on this healthy trend ASAP.

reasons for juicing

Embrace the seasons

The types of fruits and vegetables that are available at your grocery store vary according to what’s in season. For example, you’ll see squash in the winter, apples in the fall and berries in the summer. Plan your juices accordingly and make a point of trying as many seasonal items as possible.

Make an impression

Next time a friend stops by for a visit, instead of offering tea or coffee whip up one of your favorite fresh juice blends! This surprise treat will definitely make a lasting impression; certainly, she’ll come back for more!

Start saving money

Many of us don’t think twice about spending $3.00 – $5.00 on specialty drinks once or twice a day. Save that money and enjoy your own juice instead!

Fill your fridge

Most of the time fresh produce is less expensive than packaged food, meat or dairy. Therefore, go ahead and stock up so whenever you’re craving a fresh juice you’ll have the ingredients you need on hand.

reasons to start juicing

Skip the doctor

Juicing is a terrific way to boost your immune system. The majority of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the fruits and veggies are contained in the juice and are easily absorbed by your body. One juice a day (made with fortifying ingredients like apples, oranges, beets, ginger and turmeric) may truly keep the doctor away!

Skip the salad

Vegetables don’t have to be in the form of a salad or a steamed side dish. If you aren’t a big fan of cooking with veggies, juice them instead! The fact that you’re drinking your vegetables doesn’t make them any less nutritious (actually, the opposite may be true!).

Get creative

Cooking may not be your thing, but there’s no reason you can’t be a top-notch juicer.

Juicing gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and to get creative with flavors.

Spoil yourself

We should all be more mindful of how we treat our bodies on a daily basis. Committing to juicing is definitely a step in the right direction. In no time at all your body will thank you for fueling it with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Make friends

As you become invested in juicing, you’ll naturally be drawn to others who share an interest in health and wellbeing. Whether these folks become your new best friends or not, it’s always a treat to share knowledge and interests with others.

Be the change

You may not think juicing is a good fit for your lifestyle, but I’m here to tell you that it can be incorporated into just about any daily routine. Juicing is an ideal way to introduce healthy habits even if this is the first time you’ve considered the concept of mindful eating.


Getting started is really very simple.  All you need is the right equipment (a quality juicer), plenty of supplies (fruits and veggies), and a willingness to try something different. Before you know it, your smart choices will inspire others to embark on a wellness journey of their own.


The Queen of Quark loves to teach others how to incorporate quark, a German superfood, into their diets and to inspire people to be happy, celebrate life and strive for optimal health. She shares delicious recipes and writes about healthy living over at Queen of Quarkqueen of quark


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