Apec vs Aquasana under sink water filter system

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When choosing between two brands of water filter systems, such as Apec vs Aquasana, it’s important to look at what each water filter brand offers and whether what’s on offer suits your household needs. In this blog, we compare Apec vs Aquasana so you can decide which brand is better for you.

Apec VS Aquasana: A comparison

Which products do these two brands currently offer?

Apec water filter systems

3-stage under sink water filter system

5-stage reverse osmosis under sink water filter system

6-stage reverse osmosis under sink water filter system

Portable countertop water filter system

Aquasana water filter systems

3-stage under sink water filter system

Whole house water filter system

Shower water filter system

By looking at the products on offer, we can already see that Apec has 3 different under sink water filter systems with each product containing different filtration processes. The more stages, the more the water goes through the filtering process, and the more contaminants that are moved.

Apec also has a portable countertop reverse osmosis system.

On other hand, Aquasana has one main under sink water filter system but also has products for whole house water filtration and shower water filtration.

Apec vs Aquasana under sink water filter system

For this review, let’s compare the under sink water filter products that both brands offer.

Apec vs Aquasana 3-stage Systems

Aquasana’s 3 stage system starts with a 20 micron pre filter that removes sediment, salt and rust and lasts around 800 gallons before needing to be replaced. Stages 2 and 3 are Claryum filters that are made up of activated carbon, catalytic carbon, ion-exchange and sub-micron components that can remove chlorine, lead and other contaminants.

In comparison, Apec’s 3 stage system begins with a sediment filter that removes rust, dust and other particles, similar to stage 1 of Aquasana’s filter system. The 2nd and 3rd stages are both activated carbon filters that remove chlorine, tastes, odors and other contaminants, similar to Aquasana.

The most important difference is the contaminants that each filter system removes. Aquasana and Apec both do not reduce Total Dissolved Solids, which is a measure of the dissolved content inside liquids such as water, and are measured using a digital meter. This can include minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions.

Difference between Apec vs Aquasana

At face value, both systems look very similar.

But there are some important differences to note.

Aquasana recommends changing its filters every 6 months, however Apec’s filters last 12 months before needing to be changed. This means a lower overall running cost for you because you’re buying filters less often if you use Apec.

On the topic of running costs, things to consider are replacement filters and also replacement batteries.

The Apec does not run on batteries, whereas Aquasana does. It includes a lithium battery when you purchase the water filter system, but over time this will need to be replaced.

Country of origin is also important to many consumers. Aquasana’s water filter system is made in China, however Apec’s is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. which is enough to call the country of origin U.S.A.

Interestingly, there is no mention of where the system is manufactured- it might be designed and engineered in the U.S.A., manufactured in China and then the components are assembled back in the U.S.A. Something to think about!

Apec’s water filter system is made of polypropylene, which is sturdier than plastic, which is what the Aquasana water filter system is made of.

When looking at the purchase price, the Apec 3-stage system costs considerably less than the Aquasana. And when factoring in the running costs, the Apec comes out the winner in terms of affordability.

What about after sales support? Apec offers a 2-year warranty with support from a WQA (Water Quality Association) water specialist. Aquasana offers a 90-day returns period.

Other water filter systems

Apec offers two additional multi-stage under sink water filter systems: the 5-stage reverse osmosis system and the 6-stage reverse osmosis system.

You can read more about these systems here.

One Final Word

Which one is better: Apec vs Aquasana? If we had to choose one, we would choose the Apec over the Aquasana simply because it is an affordable, high quality system made in the U.S.

Apec has a larger range of under sink water filter products and systems for the consumer.

It also offers better after sales support with a 2-year warranty.

Performance is also excellent. You really can’t go wrong with an Apec!

By Christine Carlisle

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