Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

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I first reviewed the Aquagear water filter pitcher back in 2016 when I was writing Home Health Living’s first guide to the best water filters.

Since then, Aquagear has become a very popular brand with conscious consumers, and its water pitcher is a top seller on Amazon and other online stores. So I decided to write an Aquagear water filter pitcher review in case you’ve also heard some good things about it from other people.

Let’s take a look why…

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

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Aquagear water filter pitcher review of features


Filter made in USA

The filter is: 100% BPA-free; made from 100% FDA-approved food grade materials; 100% recyclable, 100% vegan.

The filter exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction.

The Aquagear water filter has been tested in Flint, Michigan for lead and copper reduction.

Last 3 times longer than Brita filters and 4 times longer than ZeroWater- 150 gallons of water each

Aquagear removes more contaminants than Brita

Aquagear water filter removes fluoride, lead, chromium 6, chloramines, mercury and chlorine

Keeps trace minerals such as magnesium and calcium unlike reverse osmosis systems and ZeroWater products.

Lifetime guarantee and excellent customer support.


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Aquagear water filter review of environmental and health impacts

How many water filter pitcher brands use filters that are 100% recyclable? If you’re concerned about your health and wellbeing, chances are you’re also concerned about our environment.

One of the main reasons why I love Aquagear is that they use materials that are 100% BPA-free, and are 100% recyclable. It’s important to me to use products that are sustainable and don’t contain nasty chemicals that could impact my health or our environment.

It’s unfortunate that water filter products and other health appliances used in the home are made of plastic, but if we can minimise some of the damage by allowing for recycling and making sure plastics are free of harmful chemicals, then this is a step in the right direction.

Once you’re ready to change the filter in your Aquagear water filter pitcher, simply contact the manufacturer who will send you a Return Shipping Label. Use this label when you send your used filter to be recycled. How easy is that?

Aquagear water filter review of performance

It’s important to find a water filter pitcher with high-performance levels- after all, you want to be drinking healthy water with as few contaminants as possible.

I like the Aquagear pitcher’s filter, because it effectively removes contaminants such as chlorine, mercury, chromium, chloramines and fluoride. While it doesn’t remove 100% of fluoride (the only type of filter that can is a reverse osmosis filter), it removes up to 90% which is far greater than your average water filter pitcher. Most of the well-known brands can’t remove fluoride.

Certification and testing

The filter cartridges are NSF-approved and testing results surpass the minimum required by the NSF, which is great for your peace of mind. The filters have been certified to reduce lead and copper amounts in your water.

The cartridge has three filter layers which is why it can remove more contaminants than other typical filter cartridges. One of the filter layers removes any particles in the water that are larger than 2 microns. Usually, you’d need reverse osmosis filtration to be able to achieve this level of filtration.

If you’re worried about filters removing important minerals in water, you’ll be happy to learn that magnesium and calcium can’t be removed by the Aquagear filter because they can pass through the filter.

Here is some more information about the contaminants the Aquagear water filter pitcher removes.

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Aqaugear water filter longevity

The Aquagear filter filters up to 150 gallons of water before needing to be replaced by a new filter. This is typically about 2-3 months of use, depending on your household’s water consumption.

Aquagear pitcher capacity

The pitcher can hold about 8 cups of water which is half a gallon. The Aquagear water filter pitcher is on the smaller side, which might be an issue for larger households. It just means you’ll need to refill your pitcher a couple of times each day especially in the warmer months when people tend to drink more water.


Not many water filter pitcher manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be pleased to know that Aquagear does. If the pitcher has any defects, contact your manufacturer to arrange a repair or replacement.

Let’s take a look at a summary of the Aquagear


Aquagear’s water filter pitcher is made of high quality materials and the filter lasts longer

There’s a lifetime warranty on the pitcher- this is great for peace of mind. Simply contact the manufacturer if your pitcher has a defect.

The filters have been tested and can remove up to 90% of fluoride in your water. This is great if you don’t want to use reverse osmosis or you don’t have a high level of fluoride in your water.

The water filters are 100% recyclable and are vegan-friendly


Since the filters are very effective, it means the pitcher takes longer to filter the water as it needs to pass through several layers of filtration. Although a negative, this is quite common with high quality water filter pitchers.

Smaller sized pitcher- the pitcher has a 0.5 gallon capacity. This is fine if you have a small household but for larger families, this small size might be a problem.

No filter change indicator- There isn’t an indicator on the pitcher that lets you know when it’s time to change the filter. This might be an issue, however consumers report that filter replacement indicators aren’t always accurate anyway.

In summary

Not many water filter pitchers can claim to be more effective than the leading brands of water filter pitchers. The Aquagear water filter pitcher is a high standard pitcher with filters that are more superior than filters by other brands such as ZeroWater and Brita.

Not only does Aquagear help you improve your health, but the company has taken steps to be more environmentally conscious than other brands and companies. It’s a win-win for all!

The Aquagear water filter pitcher is a popular pitcher with positive reviews by many consumers- take a look at the pitcher the next time you’re shopping for a new water filter pitcher.

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