AquaTru Reviews: Countertop Reverse Osmosis System

aquatru reviews woman drinking glass of water

Looking for a sleek design countertop reverse osmosis system that looks great, is easy to use and does the job? Our AquaTru reviews tell you everything you need to know about the water filter system so you can decide whether or not to buy it.

We’ve reviewed the AquaTru and in this article, we share why this is a great reverse osmosis system, how it works and everything you need to know including costs to replace filters.

AquaTru Reviews: Reverse Osmosis System 2021

AquaTru reverse osmosis system


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The AquaTru countertop water purification system is a very easy to use system that doesn’t require any plumbing or installation. You just plug it in and start using!

If you’re a renter or move a lot then you’ll be glad that this is a system you plug in and use right away. Your landlord will be grateful that no drilling holes or complex plumbing is required!

The AquaTru has been independently tested and certified by IAPMO and meets NSF/ANSI standards for removing 83 different contaminants including sediment, chlorine, THMs, odors, heavy metals such as lead and chromium-6, fluoride and more.

There are 4 filters used in the system. The first two filters are changed every 6 months, the final filter every 12 months while the reverse osmosis membrane lasts 2 years.

The digital display on the unit tells you how many gallons of water have been filtered and the filter change indicator light tells you exactly which filter needs to be changed and when. Changing filters is very easy and after you’ve done it, simply press the filter reset button so the unit knows that a new filter has been installed.

How the AquaTru system works

Each of the 4 filters plays a different role in the filtration process.

The first two stages feature two filters that trap larger particles and sediments and remove chlorine.

The reverse osmosis membrane is used in the 3rd stage. This is the most important stage because water passing through this membrane is filtered to remove  heavy metals, BPA, fluoride and over 70 other contaminants.

The activated coconut block carbon filter is used in the final stage to remove organic compounds and residues. You’re now left with pure, clean water!

Now your water is ready to drink. The dispensing tank holds the filtered water. Just press the blue dispensing button to pour the water from the tank into your glass.

Why are there two tanks in the AquaTru reverse osmosis system?

There are two tanks used in the AquaTru system: the first tank holds about a gallon of tap water that you’ve poured in for filtration. The second tank holds about 3 quarts of filtered water that’s ready to drink.

Once you’ve poured tap water into the tap water tank, it takes about 12 minutes to filter. Once the filtration has finished, the filtered water tank can be removed and put into your fridge if you prefer cold water. This is great for summer or for anyone who just prefers fridge cold water.

You’ll be pleased to know that AquaTru is made of BPA-free and BPS-free Tritan plastic and is covered by a 1-year warranty. If you have any issues, simply contact the manufacturer.

aquatru reviews woman drinking glass of water

What you get when you purchase an AquaTru reverse osmosis system

AquaTru system including 1 tap water tank and 1 filtered water tank
1 Sediment and carbon pre-filter cartridge
1 Reverse osmosis membrane
1 Carbon post-filter cartridge
1 Quick start guide
1 Owner’s manual

How much does it cost to replace AquaTru filters?

Sediment/carbon pre-filters are $19.95
Reverse osmosis membrane is $49.95
VOC stage 4 filter is $29.95

Is there a warranty for the AquaTru reverse osmosis system?

There is a 1 year warranty on the AquaTru.

How much water do the two tanks hold?

The tap water tank holds around 1 gallon of tap water while the filtered water tank holds about 3 quarts of water.

Summary of features and benefits:

Reading AquaTru reviews is a good idea before you decide whether or not to purchase one. Finding out all the features and why they’re important, as well as getting a good idea of the costs for replacing filters, will help you decide whether AquaTru is the right water filter system for you.

Here’s a summary of the features and benefits we covered in our AquaTru review:

Sleek design that suits most kitchens

No expensive or confusing plumbing

Filter change indicator on the digital display so you know which filter to change

A pump system that produces less waste water than an under sink system

NSF certified to remove 83 contaminants so you know that the claims of filtration are accurate


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