Are You A Well-being Preacher?

If you’re like me, when you discover something great, you want to share it with the world. You want others to experience what you’ve learnt. You just want to be helpful.

But often, when we try to be helpful by sharing information, we come across as being too preachy. A know-it-all. Little Miss Perfect.

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To be less like a well-being preacher feels like a disservice to the world. You want to help people realize that sugary drinks are bad for them, or that eating take out every night is unhealthy for kids.

Here, have a cup of herbal tea, it’s so much better for you than Coke.

One of the downsides of being a Well-being Preacher is that often your message gets lost. People around you stop listening.

“Uh-oh, here comes Betty with her healthy salad. Quick, hide the Mars Bar and let’s pretend we’re talking about something funny”.

People stop inviting you out to dinner. Parents don’t let their kids attend your kid’s birthday party (if there ain’t any fries, then Johnny ain’t going). You find yourself caught up in a heated debate about whether coconut oil is healthy for you or not.

Get the picture?

To be frank, you can’t change the world by lecturing everyone about living a healthier life. Nor should you give up encouraging people to be healthy.

The best way to help others be more healthy is to show them how to do it. Keep being healthy, and people around you will notice.

Wow, you look so young and energetic, what’s your secret?

Your skin’s looking really clear! What cleanser do you use?

Gee, you’ve lost a bit of weight! How did you do it?

Let people ask you questions when they’re ready. Get them interested and curious, and they will want to know everything. Then you can share information, guide them or help them.

Wellbeing preachers do all of us a disservice. They put people off wanting to be healthy. Preaching angers people, and leads to exaggerations, misinformation and ignorance.

Not everyone cares about being healthy. Not everyone understands the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body. We have to accept this and let it be.

Fortunately, more people are changing their lifestyles and becoming more healthy. People are learning more about health and nutrition from reading information online, and are getting help to change their habits. As they change their ways, others around them see these changes and are inspired to do the same.

Education, not preaching, is the way forward. Be happy, live healthy, and your actions will inspire others around you.

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