Best ceramic oil diffuser 2019

Are you worried about chemicals in the plastic parts of an essential oil diffuser, and how this may impact on your health? Are you concerned about the environmental impact of plastic essential oil diffusers?

While compiling our posts on the best essential oil diffusers on the market, Home Health Living found that there are a number of ceramic oil diffusers available.

We’ve researched and reviewed the top ceramic essential oil diffusers currently on the market, and share this information with you.

If you don’t have the time to read through all of the reviews, we have put together a comparison table so that you can easily see the main features of each of the ceramic oil diffusers.



The Vitruvi stone diffuser is our top pic of the best ceramic oil diffuser brands on the market.

It’s outer layer is made of porcelain and the sleek design makes this a beautiful gift- or show it off in your own home.

The water tank has a 100ml capacity and is suitable for a room up to 540 square feet. Once the tank is empty, the diffuser automatically shuts down so you don’t need to worry about its safety or remembering to do it yourself.

When adding essential oils to the water tank, using between 10 and 20 drops.

There are two settings available: intermittent and continuous. On the continuous setting, the Vitruvi diffuser operates up to 7 hours while on the intermittent setting it operates up to 3 hours before needing to be refilled with water.

There is an option light feature- you can choose whether to have the light on or off.

The diffuser is easy to clean- the water tank should be cleaned after each use especially if you’re changing your essential oils.

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We really like the Coosa Plum Blossom Pattern essential oil diffuser primarily because of its cute plum blossom patter on the ceramic outer layer.

The diffuser gives off a pretty light which accentuates the pattern on the ceramic cover– kids especially love this! If you don’t want the light on, you can switch it off and still operate the diffuser. The light can also change colors- you can choose whether you want the light fixed on one color or automatically alternating.

The diffuser water tank has a 100ml capacity and the diffuser automatically shuts down once the tank is empty.

You can choose to set a timer on your diffuser so that you don’t need to remember to turn it off. Choose between 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours.

The Coosa essential oil diffuser operates for 4 hours before needing to refill the water tank. The small size of the diffuser makes it a perfect size for bedrooms, a home office or other small spaces.

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The Joly Joy ceramic essential oil diffuser makes a great Christmas or birthday gift.

It has a beautifully hand crafted ceramic outer cover that has patterns on it so that when you leave the light on the diffuser, it shines through the pattern.

You can switch the light off and still operate the diffuser, if you don’t like light. There is only one light color.

The water tank has a capacity of 100ml, making it a perfect size to use in a small room or bedroom. Once the water tank is empty, it automatically shuts down so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it. This makes the diffuser safe to use.

You can set the diffuser timer to operate for either 3 hours or 6 hours or leave it on to operate until the tank is empty. Make sure you clean the water tank especially if you are changing essential oil scents. The diffuser also comes with a cleaning brush to clean out the remainder of the diffuser.

There are two mist settings: continuous or intermittent.

The diffuser comes packed in a beautiful high-end gift box ready to give to someone special this Christmas or on their birthday. There is a one-year limited warranty and a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

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Teo Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser, Scent and Fragrance Aromatherapy Humidifier – Now with Handmade Ceramic, FSC Certified Beech Wood


The Teo Aroma essential oil diffuser was designed in Europe. The base is made of FSC certified beechwood while the cover is handmade ceramic. The stylish European-influenced design makes the Teo Aroma a great ceramic essential oil diffuser to show off in your home.

There’s a timer that allows you to operate the diffuser for 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours, or you can leave the diffuser operating until the water tank is empty. Once it is empty, the diffuser shuts down automatically.

The water tank has a 110ml capacity. The diffuser is great to use in a small office space or small living room.

You can choose between two mist settings: intermittent or continuous. On the intermittent mode, the diffuser operates for 9 hours while on the continuous mode it operates for 5 hours.

We like that the adapter chord is extra-long and the diffuser comes with a limited 12 month warranty.

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How to choose the best ceramic oil diffuser

There are a number of things to consider when deciding on the best ceramic oil diffuser to buy.


It’s important to consider the size of the room or space you want to use the ceramic oil diffuser in. A large room requires a larger capacity oil diffuser.

Also, some ceramic oil diffusers look more attractive and would be better suited for an office or a living room where other people will see it.

If you want to use a ceramic oil diffuser in a child’s bedroom, you’d need to consider whether the diffuser will be safe enough in your child’s bedroom. It’s best to choose a ceramic diffuser that is smaller in size and not as easy to knock over. Avoid the vase-like diffusers which would be easy for a child to knock over!

Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity of a ceramic oil diffuser is just as important as the room size you want to use it in. Both go hand in hand. A larger capacity diffuser would be suitable for a larger room. It takes longer to notice the smell of essential oils if you are in a large room, simply because of the larger area. If you have a diffuser with a short run time, and you are using it in a large room, you will be constantly refilling the water tank and you won’t notice the scent as much.


You need to consider how much you are willing to spend on a ceramic oil diffuser, as well as the ongoing cost of purchasing essential oils. A larger capacity oil diffuser requires more drops of essential oils, which could be costly in the long run.


A time is a personal preference, but you should consider whether it is something that’s important to you. A timer lets you set and forget the diffuser, without having to constantly check on it or remember to switch it off. It’s great if you only want the diffuser on for a certain period of time, especially if you don’t want it running overnight.

Mist Settings

Some people prefer intermittent mist dispersion, instead of constant. Not all ceramic oil diffusers have an intermittent setting. The advantage of an intermittent setting is that the diffuser has a longer run time, and you don’t waste your essential oils as quickly.


You need to feel comfortable with the warranty and/or money back guarantee that is being offered, in case there are issues with the diffuser later on. Some manufacturers offer both a money back guarantee and a limited warranty, while others only offer a warranty. This is something important to consider before making your purchase.

In conclusion

A ceramic oil diffuser still has plastic components, so those who are wanting to purchase a ceramic diffuser for health or environmental reasons might be disappointed. But, a ceramic oil diffuser is certainly more attractive and visually appealing than a standard plastic essential oil diffuser.

This makes them perfect for an office or workspace, or a room or area where there are lots of people you’d like to impress!

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