Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom Use 2020

Bathroom moisture and humidity can lead to problems with bacteria growth, mold and other health issues, as well as damage to walls and fixtures. Using the best dehumidifier for bathrooms will help you overcome these problems.

Home Health Living reviews the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms and shares some advice on how to choose the best one to buy.

What is the best dehumidifier for a bathroom?

The best dehumidifier for a bathroom:

  1. Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier
  2. Ivation IVADM35 Mini Dehumidifier
  3. Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier
  4. Seavon Mini Dehumidifier
  5. Vremi 1 pint dehumidifier

Our Top Pick For Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom Use

The Pro Breeze Mini Dehumidifier is a popular option for those wanting a small but efficient dehumidifier for a small room or space such as a bathroom, small laundry or baby nursery.

The Pro Breeze dehumidifier uses Peltier technology, meaning that it can extract more moisture than other dehumidifiers while still using the same amount of power. The technology improves its efficiency.

The water tank can hold up to 16 ounces of water. The unit extracts up to 8 ounces per day.

Operation is 23 watts.


Very efficient unit


Whisper-quiet technology

Best compact dehumidifier for bathroom


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A comparison table of the top dehumidifiers for bathrooms


ProBreeze Mini Dehumidifier
Water tank capacity is 16oz/500ml
Removes up to 9 oz of moisture per day
Auto shut off feature
Quiet operation
Suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet
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Ivation IVADM35 Mini Dehumidifier
Empties up to 20oz of water per day
Very quiet operation
Indicator light
Automatic shut off
Compact size
Perfect for tiny spaces
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Yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier
4 gallons per day
Auto shut off
2m long pipe
1.8liter water tank capacity
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Seavon Mini Dehumidifier
16oz capacity tank
Auto shut off
Silent Peltier technology
Indicator light
Easy to empty
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Vremi 1 Pint Dehumidifier
17oz capacity
Auto shut off feature
Compact design
0.4 gallon water capacity
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Best dehumidifier for bathroom- Reviews 2020


best dehumidifier for bathroom

The Ivation IVADM35 dehumidifier is an excellent choice for bathrooms and other small rooms, and especially recommended for use in areas with high levels of humidity.

The unit uses both Peltier and ERS technologies. ERS technologies help to balance the temperature of the Peltier element, which is typically hot on one end and cold on the other. By balancing the temperature, the unit is able to extract more moisture using the same power consumption as a unit without the ERS technologies.

It can extract up to 12 ounces of moisture per day, and the water tank has a capacity of 22 ounces. This is greater than most other dehumidifiers currently on the market.

Once the water tank is full, the LED indicator light changes from blue to yellow which indicates it needs to be emptied. When the water tank is full, the unit shuts off automatically.


ERS technologies allows more extraction of moisture

Larger tank capacity

Ideal for those living in very humid climates


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yaufey 30 Pint Dehumidifier


The Yaufey is a slightly larger dehumidifier which is usually used in garages and basements but can also be used in your bathroom.

It has a 4-gallon water tank capacity. Just set your dehumidifier and let it run for up to 24 hours before the tank is full and needs to be emptied. It automatically shuts off when the tank is full so you won’t need to worry about overflow.

You can attach a hose to it for easier emptying, although this might not be handy if you’re using it in your bathroom!

As the dehumidifer is on castor wheels, you can wheel it around from room to room depending on where you use it. This makes the Yaufey great if you not only want to use it in your bathroom but elsewhere in your home such as your basement. No need to buy more than one dehumidifier!


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bathroom dehumidifier review

Do dehumidifiers work in bathrooms?

Yes, by using a dehumidifier in your bathroom you are helping to prevent problems with moisture, mold and bacteria growing. This is because the dehumidifier will remove the moisture in the bathroom. Moisture is what is need for mold and bacteria to grow.

Now that you know that dehumidifiers do work in bathrooms, it’s time to choose one to buy. Read our bathroom dehumidifier reviews to find the best brand and model dehumidifier for your bathroom.

How to choose the best dehumidifier for bathrooms

Dehumidifiers can be used in many rooms and areas around your home. They are used in a bathroom, basement or a crawl space where humidity is an issue. If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan, then a small dehumidifier for bathroom use is a perfect way to remove moisture.

A small bathroom dehumidifier is either compressor-based or uses Peltier technology. Peltier technology is better because it’s more energy efficient, there is less noise and the dehumidifier is lightweight.

It’s important to know that dehumidifiers remove the moisture in the air, but they cannot cool down the air like an air conditioner can.

Not all dehumidifiers are the same. When choosing the best dehumidifier for bathroom use, there are some differences you will need to be aware of between each of the units.

Differences to look out for are the technologies used, the moisture extraction ability and the water tank capacity. The larger the tank capacity, the less often you will need to empty the water. This is particularly important for those who live in very humid climates.

What size dehumidifier do I need for my bathroom?

A small dehumidifier that extracts up to 8 ounces of moisture per day is a suitable size for your bathroom. These dehumidifiers have water tanks that typically hold up to 16 ounces of water.

A common error many people make is buying the wrong type of dehumidifier, one that is too small or not powerful enough for the room they need to dehumidify. The best dehumidifier for bathrooms won’t be suitable for a large basement. And a large dehumidifier better suited to a basement may be too noisy and large to be placed in a bathroom.

The dehumidifiers we have reviewed in this post are all suitable sizes for a bathroom. They are smaller than your average dehumidifier unit.

best bathroom dehumidifier

Type of bathroom dehumidifier

Small dehumidifiers for bathrooms typically use a compressor or Peltier technology. Peltier technology is used to control the temperature- the Peltier heat pump cools the surface and condenses the water vapor from the humid air. Peltier technology means no moving parts are required, and operation is much quieter when compared with a dehumidifier that uses a compressor. It also makes the unit lightweight.

Efficiency levels

When deciding on a dehumidifier for your bathroom, it’s a good idea to know how much moisture the unit can extract before the water tank needs to be emptied. It’s also important to know how much power the unit consumes. By knowing these two pieces of information, you can determine whether the dehumidifier is efficient. If you can find a unit that extracts a larger amount of moisture but at the same power consumption level of a dehumidifier with a lower extraction, then you know you have found an efficient dehumidifier. This is important for the environment, and for your wallet!

Water tank capacity

If your bathroom dehumidifier has a large water tank, then it means you will not have to empty the tank as often as a bathroom dehumidifier with a smaller tank. This is because the water tank can hold more moisture. If you live in a humid climate, then it’s recommended you find a bathroom dehumidifier that has a larger tank capacity.

Common complaints about dehumidifiers

The most common complaint that people make about dehumidifiers is that they are not working properly, simply because there isn’t much water in the water tank. Sometimes there may be a fault with the unit itself, but usually the problem is that the room is not very humid to begin with. Another problem could be that the wrong type of dehumidifier has been purchased for that particular room or space. As mentioned earlier, a small dehumidifier for bathroom use won’t be suitable for a large basement.

Another typical complaint about dehumidifiers is the noise level. Just like any other appliance, a dehumidifier will make noise. Whether the noise is loud or not is subjective, but it is often described as sounding similar to an air conditioner. Keep this in mind when purchasing a dehumidifier- expect some level of noise.

One final word…

These are our top picks of the best dehumidifier for bathrooms, and our reviews of each dehumidifier. Your choice will largely depend on your budget, your bathroom’s humidity level and your personal preference.

Once you start using your new dehumidifier, you will notice a difference to the level of humidity in the bathroom. It will improve the air quality and reduce mold, bacteria and germs that breed in humid rooms.

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