Best dehumidifier for crawl spaces 2020

One of the best ways to stop or prevent mold growth in crawl spaces is to use a crawl space dehumidifier. Home Health Living has researched dehumidifiers currently on the market to come up with crawl space dehumidifier reviews to help combat issues with moisture found under your house.

While most people know about using dehumidifiers if you live in a humid environment, not many people know that you can also use dehumidifiers in crawl spaces, regardless of whether or not you live in a humid climate.

Best dehumidifier for crawl spaces 2020

We at Home Health Living have researched dehumidifiers and have chosen what we believe to be the best crawl space dehumidifier for 2020. We have come up with 3 that we believe are the best choices for reducing moisture under your house.


If you’re looking for a large capacity crawl space dehumidifier, then the Edgestar Energy Star 70 pint portable dehumidifier is the best option for you.

The Edgestar removes 70 pints of water from the air over a 24 hour period, and comes with a 7.5 liter water bucket.

It operates over an area of 4500 square feet, and is portable enough to use in a crawl space. It has heavy duty castor wheels, an easy grip handle and is a compact design.

Its humidistat allows the measurement of the level of humidity and once the crawl space reaches a certain humidity level, the unit and the fan will shut off. They will also shut down automatically once the water bucket is full.

The unit has a 24 hour auto start and auto stop function, with a quiet and low temperature operation.

The EdgeStar has an energy efficiency rating.

The Frigidaire dehumidifier removes 50 pints over a 24 hour period, and can be run continuously so long as the hose can access a nearby drain. This makes the unit ideal for people with a crawl space that is constantly humid and damp. It eliminates the need to be constantly emptying the bucket.

Its filter can be easily removed and is washable, and the container can be easily accessed. Once the container is full, the unit will automatically shut off.

The Frigidaire’s compact design makes it easy to manoeuvre, using either the top or side handles, plus sturdy castor wheels.

It has an Energy Star efficiency rating, and has a choice of 2 fan speeds so that you can control the unit’s efficiency.

The unit has electronic controls with a digital humidity level indicator, and has an extra-long power cord- perfect if you need to place the dehumidifier near a drain.

The Keystone removes 50 pints of moisture in an area of up to 3000 square feet. It has 3 function options: Normal, Turbo and Auto-Defrost.

Once the bucket is full, the unit will shut down automatically.

There is a LED-display and a 24 hour timer.

The unit has a removable filter which can be cleaned and re-used, and there is an indicator to let you know when the filter has to be cleaned.

Although the unit does not come with a hose, a hose can be purchased and connected to the unit for continuous drainage.

There is an auto-restart function, which means the unit will save your settings and return to them after a power outage.


What Causes Mold Growth In Crawl Spaces?

If you have an older home, you may have noticed something furry-looking growing on the wood in your crawl space. This is most likely mold, and the reason it’s growing in your crawl space is because of three things.

Moisture: There is moisture in your crawl space, and if this moisture level reaches over 60%, you have the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Temperature: Mold has an ideal temperature for growing. But don’t start thinking that a colder temperature will stop mold growth: if mold can grow on food in your fridge, mold can grow in your crawl space in the middle of winter.

Food: Every living thing needs food, and mold is no different. Mold feeds off wood, and certain types of wood provide more nutrients for mold to grow.

Mold is a big problem for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems. Mold spores that are in the air can be inhaled by a person. This can trigger an asthma attack or other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

The best way to combat an allergic reaction to mold or to prevent an asthma attack caused by mold spores, is to eliminate the mold.

How To Eliminate Mold In A Crawl Space

Firstly, it’s important to check whether there is water present in your crawl space due to leakages or other plumbing issues. These issues need to be fixed immediately.

It’s also important to make sure you have proper drainage around your home, to stop any rainwater from entering your crawl space.

If your crawl space is damp, then the best way to eliminate the dampness is by using a dehumidifier.

In Conclusion

Your crawl space doesn’t have to be a breeding ground for problems- dehumidifiers help remove the moisture from the air to create an optimal humidity level. By choosing the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces, you will notice reduced incidence of mold and the associated respiratory problems. And a stronger and safer foundation for your home!

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