Best dehumidifier for crawl spaces 2021

best dehumidifier for crawl spaces

One of the best ways to stop or prevent mold growth in crawl spaces is to use a crawl space dehumidifier. Home Health Living has researched dehumidifiers currently on the market to come up with crawl space dehumidifier reviews to help combat issues with moisture found under your house.

While most people know about using dehumidifiers if you live in a humid environment, not many people know that you can also use dehumidifiers in crawl spaces, regardless of whether or not you live in a humid climate.

Best dehumidifier for crawl spaces 2021

We at Home Health Living have researched dehumidifiers and have chosen what we believe to be the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces 2021.

We recommend using either a 30 pint or 70 pint dehumidifier depending on the size of the crawl space. Some crawl spaces are as high as a basement whereas others are very small and only suitable to crawl in.

Inofia 30 pint dehumidifier
Energy efficient
Humidistat control
Auto stop
Auto restart
24 hr timer
Adjustable fan
0.5 gallon tank
Drain hose incl.
Auto defrost
Quiet operation
Recessed handle
Compact size
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Yaufey 30 pint dehumidifier

Amazon's choice
Light touch control panel
24 hour operation
1.8 liter tank
Auto shut off
Drain hose incl
2 speed fan
Quiet operation
Washable filter
24 hour timer
12 month warranty
Lifetime support
Check latest price
Vacplus 30 pint dehumidifier
1.3 liter tank
Auto shut off
2 drainage modes
Drain hose incl.
24 hr on/off timer
Energy efficient
Quiet operation
Adjustable fan
Drying clothes mode
2 year warranty
Check latest price
Airplus 30 pint dehumidifier
1.5 liter water tank
Auto shut off
Four modes: Standard, drying clothes, sleep and raining
Universal wheels
Drain hose incl.
Washable filter
2 year warranty
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Honeywell TP30WKN 30 pint dehumidifier
Energy star qualified
Washable air filter
Filter clean alert
Drain hose incl
Humidistat control
24 hr on/off timer
Sleep mode
Auto restart
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Midea 30 pint dehumidifier
1.6 gallon water tank
Auto restart
Quiet operation
Energy star certified
Washable filter
35 pint
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Honeywell TP30WKN

Honeywell is one of the biggest brands in dehumidifiers so it was natural to choose the Honeywell TP30WKN dehumidifier as one of the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces.

It is energy star qualified which will save energy and money on lower power bills.

It has a washable air filter which prevents white dust from being dispersed, something that many other dehumidifiers have problems with. And there’s no need to replace the filter- simply hand wash it and then put it back inside the dehumidifier.

You will know when to clean the filter because there’s a filter clean alert on the dehumidifier.

The water tank is detachable making it easy for you to empty it when it is full. It holds up to 30 pints per day before needing to be emptied.

If you prefer the automatic method, there is a drain hose included with the dehumidifier so that it empties the water for you using gravity. This is the method we recommend since the dehumidifier will be used in a crawl space.

The Honeywell 30 pint dehumidifier has a 24 hour on/off timer which will save you energy and money and there’s an auto restart function in case of a power surge. This saves you worrying about switching it back on if there is a power surge- it will automatically happen!

Honeywell is a name you can trust when it comes to buying the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces!

Features and advantages:

Is energy star qualified so you will save on power costs

It has a washable air filter to reduce white dust without needing replacements

The drain hose will help empty the tank without you needing to

Auto restart in case of a power surge

Midea MAD20C1ZWS

The Midea 22 pint dehumidifier is a great option for those looking for the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces.

If you’re using a dehumidifier at night then you’ll be pleased to know that the Midea has a quiet operation and it also has an auto restart option in case there is a power surge.

The Midea is energy star certified which means you will save power and money. Your wallet will be happy!

It has a reusable filter which reduces white dust in the room and the filter is washable. This means you won’t need to buy replacement filters but just need to wash the existing filter, then it can be used again.

The only downside to the Midea for some people is that it does not come with a drain hose like most other dehumidifiers do. We recommend purchasing one from your local hardware store because you don’t to be manually emptying the tank since the dehumidifier will be in a crawl space.

Features and advantages:

Auto restarts after a power surge so you don’t need to remember to switch it back on

Energy start certified so you save power and money

Reusable, washable filter that stops white dust in the room

[button-red url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Click here to check latest price[/button-red] Yaufey 30 pint dehumidifier for crawl spaces Yaufey 30 pint dehumidifier for crawl spaces

We’ve chosen the Yaufey 30 pint dehumidifier as one of the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces on the market because it’s an Amazon choice and has had lots of positive reviews from consumers.

It has a 1.8 liter tank that gives you 24 hours of continuous operation before you need to empty it. We recommend using the included drain hose for continuous drainage.

It has a light touch easy to use control panel and has the auto shut off feature that most dehumidifiers have.

The Yaufey 30 pint dehumidifier has a removable and washable filter and we like this because you don’t need to replace the filter! Just simply wash and reuse. A filter is great because it prevents white dust in the room which is very common when using a dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier has built-in wheels and ergonomic handles making it easy for you to move the dehumidifier around from room to room depending on where you need it most.

We like that Yaufey offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a 12 month free replacement warranty and lifetime tech support.

Features and advantages:

Popular with Amazon shoppers

Auto shut off when tank is full so you don’t need to remember to do it yourself

Removable washable filter to prevent white dust and can easily be washed and reused

12 month free replacement and 30 day money back guarantee for peace of mind

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What Causes Mold Growth In Crawl Spaces?

If you have an older home, you may have noticed something furry-looking growing on the wood in your crawl space. This is most likely mold, and the reason it’s growing in your crawl space is because of three things.

Moisture: There is moisture in your crawl space, and if this moisture level reaches over 60%, you have the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Temperature: Mold has an ideal temperature for growing. But don’t start thinking that a colder temperature will stop mold growth: if mold can grow on food in your fridge, mold can grow in your crawl space in the middle of winter.

Food: Every living thing needs food, and mold is no different. Mold feeds off wood, and certain types of wood provide more nutrients for mold to grow.

Mold is a big problem for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems. Mold spores that are in the air can be inhaled by a person. This can trigger an asthma attack or other symptoms of an allergic reaction.

The best way to combat an allergic reaction to mold or to prevent an asthma attack caused by mold spores, is to eliminate the mold.

How To Eliminate Mold In A Crawl Space

Firstly, it’s important to check whether there is water present in your crawl space due to leakages or other plumbing issues. These issues need to be fixed immediately.

It’s also important to make sure you have proper drainage around your home, to stop any rainwater from entering your crawl space.

If your crawl space is damp, then the best way to eliminate the dampness is by using a dehumidifier.

In Conclusion

Your crawl space doesn’t have to be a breeding ground for problems- dehumidifiers help remove the moisture from the air to create an optimal humidity level. By choosing the best dehumidifier for crawl spaces, you will notice reduced incidence of mold and the associated respiratory problems. And a stronger and safer foundation for your home!

You can read more about what a crawl space is here.

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