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Some people still think of patchouli and hippies when they hear the words “essential oil”. But you don’t need to be a peace-loving hippie with dreadlocks to use essential oils!

If you’re new to using essential oils, then you might be wondering:

Which is the best essential oil diffuser to buy when you’re a beginner to aromatherapy?

In 2022, there are many different oil diffusers on the market. While you might want to find the cheapest, it’s a good idea to learn more about the different brands and models as well as find out more about aromatherapy and how it helps your health.

It’s also helpful to know what you should look for when choosing the best essential oil diffuser. Not all brands are the same, and everyone has personal preferences!

I’ve been a huge fan of essential oil diffusers for a few years now and I can honestly say that you get what you pay for! Not all diffusers are the same. Do your research before you buy.

An essential oil diffuser is an electronic device that turns your essential oils into a vapor mist that’s blown back into the air. This is one way to enjoy the health benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Essential oils are plant extracts that support your health and well-being. They are compounds before they are extracted. Extraction occurs via distillation or cold pressing. After the extraction, the aromas are mixed with a carrier oil, and turned into the essential oil product we know and love!

With many available on the market, how do you choose the best essential oil diffuser to buy?

To help you find the best diffusers for essential oils, I’ve researched and written the best essential oil diffuser 2022 reviews. I’ve narrowed down our list to the top essential oil diffusers worth buying.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews 2022

Choosing the best diffuser for essential oils can be mind-boggling, with so many brands and models to choose from.

It’s important to know what to look for when buying an essential oil diffuser in 2022.

You will also need to buy your own essential oils as diffusers do not come with the oils included.

Here we look at a few important factors to consider when buying a diffuser.

Size of the space

We recommend that you decide what amount of space you would like the diffuser to cover. Once you have decided if it’s a small, medium or large space, you need to then consider the output levels of the diffuser you are considering buying. Smaller output levels means that the mist is much finer, and may not suit a large space. A larger output spout allows more mist to be dispersed, which means you may be able to cover a larger area. Make sure you choose the best oil diffuser for large room use.

Operation time

Not everyone has the time to be constantly refilling an empty diffuser water reservoir.

If you are a time-poor person, you may want to consider buying an essential oil diffuser that holds a larger capacity of water. You can find diffusers with up to 600ml water capacity.

Also important is the strength and mode of the flow of mist. Many diffusers allow you to set the variability of the flow of mist. You can sometimes choose an intermittent mode, where mist is dispersed for 30 seconds, and then stops for 30 seconds. This allows the overall operation time to be much longer.

People using an essential oil diffuser in a work space prefer a longer operation time. When you’re at work, you’re too busy to be worrying about refilling your oil diffuser!

Essential oil diffusers and humidifiers

Although many essential oil diffusers claim to be humidifiers, they’re not as effective as a traditional humidifier.

Traditional humidifiers do not use essential oils, therefore many use heating functions to be able to create a stronger vapor that can be warm.

Humidifiers are better at increasing moisture levels in the air than essential oil diffusers.

Although an ultrasonic diffuser for essential oils may add a small amount of moisture in the air, if increasing humidity is important to you then a traditional humidifier would be a better option.

For more information about humidifiers, read our post on the best humidifiers for each room in your home.

Noise levels

One of the many complaints that people have about essential oil diffusers is the noise levels or decibel level. Whether a diffuser is quiet or not is subjective.

Most diffusers make a sound similar to water boiling in a kettle. Some may find this noise calming and relaxing, while others find this distracting especially when trying to sleep at night.

If noise is of concern to you, especially at night, then we recommend that you do not leave your essential oil diffuser in your bedroom but in another room close by.

Also note that most diffusers make a beeping sound when the water has run out. Again for some people this can be annoying if it occurs in the middle of the night. If this is the case for you, we recommend that you buy a diffuser that operates for at least 8 hours- that way, you will wake up before the unit’s empty and will not hear the beep.

Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews 2022

Essential Oil DiffuserFeaturesPrice
Rockano 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser
Operates up to 10 hours on low mist; 5 hours on high mist
200ml water tank capacity
LED light
Stylish design
No timer
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InnoGear 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

9 hours operation on low setting
300ml water tank capacity
1h/3h/6h/ON timer settings
Auto shut off
Beep indicator
18 months warranty
Check Price Here
InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser
Two settings: strong or weak
Up to 7 hours on weak setting
200ml water tank capacity
LED light in 7 colors
2 year warranty
45 day money back guarantee
Check Price Here
Arrela Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
USB connection for PC or charger connection in car
70ml water tank capacity
30min/60min/120min/180min timer
Auto shut off
LED light
Check Price Here
Aromyst Essential Oil Diffuser

Continuous or intermittent mist
300ml water tank capacity
LED light with 7 colors
Rubber feet at bottom of unit
Check Price Here
Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser
Outer part is made of glass
Padded feet to protect your furniture
Continuous mist= 4 hours operation
Intermittent= 8 hours operation
Auto shut off
No lights
Check Price Here
Housmile Essential Oil Diffuser
100ml water tank capacity
Up to 3 hours operation
LED light with 7 colors
Check Price Here
Urpower Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser
Runs 8 hours on intermittent mist mode; 3 hours on continuous mist mode
Auto shut off
LED lights 7 colors
160ml water tank capacity
Check Price Here
VicTsing 300ml Essential oil diffuser
Runs 8 hours on low mist or 6 hours on high mist
300ml water tank capacity
1h/3/6h/continuous timer
7 color LED light
Auto shut off
45 day money back guarantee
12 month warranty
Check Price Here
ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set
Gift set includes essential oil diffuser and 8 essential oil blends
150ml water tank capacity
Timer with 1 hour or 3 hour settings
Auto shut off
7 LED colored lights
12 month warranty and money back guarantee
Check Price Here
InnoGear essential oil diffuser w. bluetooth speaker

Up to 8 hours operation
200ml water tank capacity
Bluetooth capability and speaker included
Can be controlled via app on mobile
Timer for 1h/3h/6h/continuous operation
Auto shut off
7 colored LED lights
Check Price Here
Sierra Modern Home Diffuser w. Bluetooth
400ml water tank capacity
Up to 12 hours continuous use
Bluetooth compatible
Alexa & Google Home compatible
Download app to control the timer and intensity of the diffuser
Timer button
Check Price Here
ArtNaturals Sound Machine & Essential Oil Diffuser
Features white noise and nature sounds option to help sleep
6 soothing sounds available
7 LED color lights
300ml water tank capacity
Auto shut off
Check Price Here
Aroma Outfitters Galaxy essential oil diffuser
3D glass display
Galaxy-theme LED light show
230ml water tank capacity
Auto shut off
Check Price Here
doTerra Petal Diffuser
Ambient light
Timer for 1, 2, or 4 hours
Small water tank capacity
Minimalist design
Check Price Here
Vitruvi Stone Essential Diffuser
Ceramic diffuser made of porcelain
100ml water tank capacity
3 hours continuous use or 7 hours intermittent
Optional light feature
Check Price Here
best essential oil diffuser 2018

Best Diffuser For Essential Oils- Stylish And Elegant Design

The Quooz Rockano is the best ultrasonic essential oil diffuser for your home if you like a stylish and unique design. It’s a functional and effective diffuser and humidifier.

Although it’s more expensive than most other oil diffusers on the market, its unique design makes it a decorative piece in any home. This is why I’ve chosen it as one of my best aromatherapy diffuser models.

It has two functions: regular mist, which operates up to 10 hours or strong mist, which operates up to 5 hours. It can hold 200ml of water.

The Rockano uses ultrasonic technology. The electronic vibrations break down the water into fine particles that are combined with the essential oil to create a gentle mist. The essential oil retains its maximum health benefits- it’s not broken down by heat.

The soothing LED light can be set at either constantly on, or fading in and out. The unit has automatic shut-off when the water tank is empty, and unlike other essential oil diffusers, there’s NO beep.

Although the unit looks like it’s made of glass, it’s made of 100% BPA-free plastic.

Its unique contemporary design makes it look like a diamond, and it comes in three stylish colours: toffee, cobalt blue and peach. The wide base means that it’s sturdy and not easy to knock over- this makes the Rockano suitable in a family home.

The Rockano can be used as a humidifier however it’s not as effective as a humidifier- it doesn’t emit enough moisture to increase the humidity in a room.


Long operation

Two mist settings

Stylish design


No timer

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Best Aromatherapy Diffuser- All-In-One Product

What I love about the InnoGear 300ml ultrasonic essential Oil diffuser is that it’s a five-in-one-product. It diffuses, humidifies, purifies, ionizes and lights up your room.

It uses ultrasonic technology, meaning that the water and oils aren’t heated. The diffuser creates vibrations that break down the water into micro-particles. These particles are mixed with the essential oils and transformed into a mist.

Do you want to help relieve nasal congestion, or even disguise bad smells? Add an essential oil blend and the unit becomes an essential oil diffuser.

Do you need to add moisture to dry air during the winter months to help with asthma prevention? Leave out the essential oils and the unit becomes an instant humidifier and can also purify the air.

It also has an ionizing function, releasing negative ions which attach themselves to the positive ions in the air, balancing out the harmful effects of allergens such as bacteria, mold and pollen.

The InnoGear 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser also has a soothing LED mood light that changes colour.

The unit can hold about 300ml of water (unlike other diffusers that only hold 100ml of water) and has two mist controls: weak or strong.

Due to the larger water capacity, the mist covers an area of up to 269 square feet. This is ideal if you are looking for an oil diffuser for large room use.

To fill the unit with water, simply lift up the cap, remove the cap and fill with water. Then replace the cap.

Unlike many other humidifiers, the InnoGear does not include a filter and cleaning the unit’s very easy and can be done with a cloth and dish soap.

On the weak setting, operation is around 9 hours. There’s also a timer with 4 settings: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and always ON. Select your timer and the unit will switch off automatically after the set time.

If you leave the unit operating without a timer, there’s no need to worry about keeping an eye on the water levels- the unit beeps and there’s an automatic shut-off feature which shuts the unit once it runs out of water. But the beeping can be a distraction in the middle of the night!

The light setting allows the LED light to fade through the 7 different colors or you can choose the light to remain on a chosen color. The LED light and diffuser can operate simultaneously, or you can choose to operate the diffuser without the light, or the light without the diffuser. Children find the night light comforting!

The dispersed mist is cool to the touch, and because the diffuser does not burn the essential oils, more of the therapeutic benefits of the oils are dispersed. As there are no naked flames or hot water, the InnoGear is safe to use around children, the elderly or pets and is a natural, chemical-free appliance.

Comes with 18 months warranty.


Long run time

Has a timer

Money back guarantee


No information regarding run time on strong setting

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Best Oil Diffuser- Wood Appearance

InnoGear’s 200ml essential oil diffuser in wood grain combines effective diffuser features with a stylish design.

If you appreciate good home décor and design and are not a fan of plastic-looking objects, then the InnoGear wood grain diffuser would be the best essential oil diffuser for you.

Although the unit’s made of plastic, it has a wood grain appearance like essential oil diffusers used in day spas and at health resorts. For health-conscious people, the plastic does NOT contain harmful BPA.

The 200ml capacity makes this oil diffuser a mid-sized option suitable for bedrooms, a small living room or office area. It operates for up to 7 hours and has two settings available: strong or weak.

The timer settings allow you to set the unit for either 1, 3 or 6 hours, or you can let it run until the water runs out. It has an automatic shut-off function that shuts the unit once it reaches a certain water level. This allows you to switch on the unit and not worry about remembering to turn it off.

The InnoGear 200ml wood grain ultrasonic essential oil diffuser also has an LED light in 7 different colours, or you can choose to operate the diffuser with the light switched off.

A 2 year warranty is available as is a 45 day money back period


Great option for a small room

Lovely wood grain appearance

Longer warranty


Short run time

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Best Portable Oil Diffuser

Arrela has come up with a solution for travelers wanting to use an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and humidifier. The Arrela 70ml USB mini essential oil diffuser comes with a USB cable that connects the diffuser with your PC or with the cigarette charger in your car.

Its compact size nicely fits inside a standard car cup holder. The Arrela portable essential oil diffuser has a water capacity of 70ml which is slightly more than the water capacity of other portable diffusers currently on the market.

Its maximum operation time is around 3 hours. After this time, simply refill the unit with more water.

There’s a timer setting for 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes, with an automatic shut-off function once the water has run out.

Ultrasonic technology is used to create a fine cool mist combined with your blend of essential oils. This means that heat is not required to turn the water into mist particles. With other types of diffusers that use heat, the water is heated to create steam. But the heat damages the essential oils.

Using ultrasonic technology preserves the important elements of the oils, bringing you maximum health benefits.

There’s the option of just using the diffuser without any essential oils. In this manner, the unit’s simply a humidifier used to disperse moisture into a dry space.

There’s also a warm white LED light which can either be left on or switched off, and there’s a low and high setting too. When the light is off, the diffuser can still be operated.


Portable option

Easy to use


Must contact manufacturer for warranty information

Only one mist setting

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Top Selling Diffuser For Essential Oils

An elegant and simple to use essential oil diffuser, the TaoTronics 300ml diffuser offers a quiet operation with a water capacity of 300ml. It has an LED light with 7 different colors.

The cool mist is created using ultrasonic technology which breaks down the water into small particles that are then mixed with your added essential oil blend. The result is a gentle mist which can be set as continuous, or intermittent mist which operates every 30 seconds.

When the water level runs low, the unit shuts off automatically. You no longer have to worry about remembering to switch off the unit before you leave your home.

There are rubber feet at the bottom of the unit, giving it enough grip to prevent the unit slipping or accidentally being knocked over.

A one-year warranty is also available.


Has intermittent mist setting

Popular diffuser


Short run time

Short warranty

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Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Made With Glass

We are pleased that this diffuser is made of glass as this makes the diffuser look a lot more stylish than ordinary plastic.

The Aromyst Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser is a great option for the home or office, and its stylish black glass design blends in with your décor.

Its design is based on the torch ginger flower which is a flower native to the South Pacific. This is definitely a great choice for those who are conscious of style or who operate a business and would like a diffuser that appears professional.

Advanced ultrasonic technology is used to break down the water and oils into fine particles, resulting in a dispersion of cool mist. This allows the user to experience the full health benefits of the essential oil that is added. The unit DOES NOT come with essential oil.

The bottom of the unit features three padded feet which help make the unit sturdy and stable.

It’s recommended that the oil diffuser be cleaned at least twice a week, to prevent the build-up of oils which may affect the performance of the unit.

It has two time functions: the continuous mist function allows operation up to 4 hours while the intermittent option allows up to 8 hours operation, with the mist being dispersed every 10 seconds.

The water reservoir can hold 70ml, making this the best essential oil diffuser for a small room, office or space. There’s an automatic shut-off function which shuts the unit once the reservoir is almost empty.

Apart from the power button which stays lit, the Aromyst does not light up like other diffusers which is great for those who use their diffuser while sleeping and prefer darkness.

The Aromyst comes with a one year warranty.


Stylish design

Two mist settings

Only the button lights up (great if you don’t like bright lights)


Small water tank capacity

No timer

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Best Aromatherapy Diffuser- Zen Breeze Diffuser Review

If you’re looking for an economical and compact diffuser, then the Zen Breeze 2018 model could be the best essential oil diffuser option for you. It’s a small unit with a water capacity of around 100ml and operation time up to 3 hours.

The Zen Breeze is great for hiding odours from the kitchen, or for use in a small bedroom or apartment. It’s also recommended for those wanting an oil diffuser to use at work in a small work space.

Although the Zen Breeze is small and has a smaller water capacity, it does emit a large amount of mist.

The Zen Breeze has been designed to use ultrasonic vibrations to change the water and essential oils into a fine mist- this means that heat is not used to create the mist.

Other features include an LED light in 7 different colours, quiet operation and the unit’s easy to refill and keep clean. There’s an automatic shut off function that shuts off the unit once the water has run out.


Long run time

Has a timer

Large water tank capacity


Must contact manufacturer for warranty information

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Best Rated Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Rooms

Few essential oil diffusers can hold as much water as the Housemile 600ml essential oil diffuser can. This impressed me the most- the large water reservoir means that the unit can operate up to 15 hours! This is ideal to use in an office or other work environment, when you are too busy working to keep checking and refilling the oil diffuser.

Once the water level drops to a certain point, an indicator light flashes and lets you know and then the unit automatically shuts off. The unit comes with a small cup to use when refilling, however you would be better off using a larger cup or jug to avoid having to make so many trips back and forth between a tap and where the diffuser is located.

Also note that the maximum line indicator on the unit’s actually a sticker, and it’s known to peel off. Some users make a small mark with a permanent marker so that they know where the maximum line is.

If design is important to you, the wood grain appearance suits those who like a natural looking essential oil diffuser, even though this product is made entirely of plastic.

Home Health Living recommends this unit for those who prefer a longer lasting operation time. Note that the amount of mist that is dispersed is not a great amount to fill a very large space, despite the reservoir’s capacity.


Excellent for large rooms

Large water tank capacity

Long run time


Must contact manufacturer for warranty information

No timer

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The Urpower Real Bamboo essential oil diffuser is great for people who love the natural look of bamboo and have a natural décor theme in their home.

Urpower is a well-known diffuser brand- it’s been selling essential oil diffusers for a few years with lots of positive reviews on Amazon.

The diffuser is a small unit, with a water tank capacity of only 160ml. It has two mist modes: continuous and intermittent. The continuous mode allows the diffuser to operate up to 3 hours while the intermittent mode means the diffuser will operate up to 8 hours.

There’s an auto shut off feature, so when the diffuser water tank is empty, it switches itself off.

There are 7 colored LED lights, which you can have alternating or have the one fixed color.

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The VicTsing essential oil diffuser is a big seller on Amazon!

The wood grain finish is popular with people who have wood grain décor- it looks modern and clean.

It has a water tank capacity of 300ml and can operate up to 6 hours on the high setting and up to 8 hours on the low setting.

There’s a timer that you can set for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous operation. Once the water tank runs out of water, the unit shuts down automatically.

The VicTsing diffuser has 7 colored LED lights that you can alternate between the colors or leave it on a fixed color or switch off the lights.

The unit comes with a 45 day money back guarantee and a 12 month warranty.

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I like the ArtNaturals aromatherapy essential oil diffuser gift set because it not only comes with an oil diffuser but also a set of 8 of the most common and popular essential oils. This means you can start using your diffuser as soon as you get it! The oils include lavender, tea tree, sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oil.

The essential oil diffuser is smaller in size, with a water tank capacity of 150ml. It has a timer that you can set for either 1 hour or 3 hours. Once the water runs out, the unit shuts off automatically so that you don’t need to worry about leaving the diffuser to operate.

The unit also has 7 colored LED lights.

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For something clever and innovative, we love the Innogear essential oil diffuser with built-in Bluetooth speaker. Now you can listen to music while relaxing with your essential oil diffuser. I love this idea- I use my diffuser while I’m working in my office, and I also like to have music playing, so this diffuser ticks both those boxes.

The unit has a 200ml water tank capacity and can operate up to 8 hours.

The timer can be set to 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous operation. Once the water tank is empty, the unit automatically shuts down, ready for you to refill the water tank.

There are 7 colored LED lights built into the unit which you can control.

Innogear is a popular brand that’s been selling well on Amazon.

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The Sierra Modern is a smart essential oil diffuser– you can use smart technology to control the different functions of the diffuser.

You can download the app to control the intensity of the mist and the timer, and you can synch it to your Alexa or Google Home. You can schedule using the app, so that your diffuser operates at different times of the day at different intensities. For example, if you require more diffusion at bedtime, you can schedule the diffuser to operate at a certain intensity half an hour before you go to bed.

I love this level of flexibility and technology combined with aromatherapy. It’s like having your own personal aromatherapist!

The water tank has a 400ml capacity so you won’t have to constantly refill it. If you leave the diffuser on overnight, it operates continuously up to 12 hours.

The Sierra Modern Home Smart Wifi essential oil diffuser is a popular model with lots of positive customer reviews.

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I’ve chosen the Art Naturals sound machine and essential oil diffuser as one of the best oil diffusers on the market due to its unique features.

This is a great diffuser for those who like soothing music and sounds to help them sleep. It’s also great if you run a day spa or if you have a baby who has trouble sleeping. White noise is great for helping babies fall asleep!

There are 6 soothing sounds to choose from, or you can run the diffuser without sound.

There’s a 300ml water tank capacity, and the unit can run continuously for up to 12 hours. Once the water tank is empty, the unit shuts off automatically. The unit also has 7 colored LED lights which you can either have on or switch off.

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If you’re looking for a unique essential oil diffuser that will make a statement wherever you put it, the Aroma Outfitters Galaxy Premium essential oil diffuser is the diffuser for you.

It’s made of 3D glass and uses a unique galaxy-themed LED light display to really give that “wow” factor. Kids especially love the diffuser and love the light show, which they find exciting yet also relaxing.

The unit comes with a 230ml water tank capacity and has an auto shut off feature for when the tank is empty. It runs continuously for up to 8 hours.

The on-off button also has a timer so you can adjust the mist flow and the timing.

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The doTerra Petal Diffuser is a great choice for those who are a fan of the doTerra brand, and want a minimalist diffuser with simple features.

The diffuser has an ambient light however you can operate the unit without the light, and it has a small water tank capacity. It’s great for use in a small room or apartment due to its small size.

The unit has a timer with settings for 1, 2 and 4 hours.

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The Vitruvi stone diffuser is a stylish diffuser made of ceramic stone in a minimalist style. It’s a great diffuser if you’re wanting something that isn’t made of plastic, and your home décor is simple yet stylish.

The diffuser operates up to 3 hours on continuous mode or up to 7 hours on intermittent mode. It has an auto shut off feature once the water tank is empty.

The water tank can hold 100ml of water, so this is a small diffuser suitable for a bedroom or other small space.

There’s also a soft feature light that you can leave on for extra comfort.

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Finding The Best Oil Diffuser 2022

Aromatherapy using essential oil diffusers has great health benefits. It’s an effective and natural alternative to traditional medicines, and also provides a way to add a pleasant, natural aroma to your home.

Home Health Living promotes the use of natural alternatives in finding the best health solution for you. A diffuser for essential oils will allow you to reap the health benefits from and enjoy the pleasant aroma from each essential oil blend.

If you would like further information, please read through our guide below.

What’s An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers disperse aromas from essential oils into a room or space. The natural scent creates a unique ambience depending on the blend of oils used. It’s the basis of aromatherapy (also known as essential oil therapy), which is healing therapy using natural plant extracts and oils.

Aromatherapy aims to promote a healthy balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Essential Oil Diffusion: How Does It Work?

Essential oil diffusion can occur in a few different ways.

The most basic way is by adding a few drops of essential oils onto a clean tissue. For example, sometimes I place drops of lavender oil onto a tissue and place it under my pillow to help me sleep.

Steam diffusion involves boiling water and pouring it into a container, and adding a few drops of essential oils. The steam generated by the water carries the aroma of the oils into the room. For example, some people place a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a bowl of boiling water to create a steam bath. They then place their face over the steam and inhale the aroma. This is said to help relieve nasal congestion.

Candle diffusion involves the use of a tea light candle which heats the essential oils and disperses the aromas into the room.

Ultrasonic diffusion is now the most popular and effective way to disperse essential oils. Ultrasonic technology creates vibrations that break down water and essential oils into fine particles of mist which are then dispersed. This creates a cool mist that carries the aroma. Heating elements such as those found in steam diffusers damage the essential oils. By using ultrasonic technology, your essential oil blend is retaining maximum health benefits- it’s not being damaged by heat.

Aromatherapy is no longer something to be experienced only at a day spa or wellness resort. With the availability of essential oil diffusers, anyone can recreate the ambience of a day spa and reap the health benefits of essential oil diffusion in the comfort of their own home.

Maintaining your unit

Although we all like the idea of setting and then forgetting about your essential oil diffuser. But to keep it operating at the best level, you will need to clean your diffuser every few days.

What happens if you don’t keep your diffuser clean?

There will be a build-up of oils in the diffuser, especially around the dispersion spout. This build-up means that less mist will be dispersed by the diffuser, or the diffuser may not disperse any mist at all. You may not notice the scent from your essential oils.

There can also be a build-up of bacteria or mold, especially if the unit has not been used for a few days but still contains water. It’s a good idea to regularly descale the diffuser so that it’s clean and germ-free and able to operate properly.

Refilling an essential oil diffuser

When it comes time to refilling an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser, there are some important points to remember. Many people complain about difficulties with refilling a diffuser.

Oil diffusers can be opened up either by twisting and turning the top of the diffusers, or simply lifting it off. There are pros and cons for either option.

The twist and turn option ensures that the lid is always securely in place. This is great if you have young children who may accidentally knock over a diffuser. If the unit has a “lift off” lid, most of these only sit on top of the unit and can easily be knocked over.

When you are opening up the diffuser, sometimes condensation results in water droplets on the inside cover of the diffuser. This might mean that when you remove the lid, drops of water will spill onto the surface around the diffuser. Condensation cannot be avoided but just keep this in mind when removing the lid.

Also think about the size and weight of the diffuser, especially the weight after filling it with water. If you carry your diffuser to a tap for refilling, will it be heavy to carry back to where it normal stays when being operated? The larger the water capacity, the heavier the diffuser will be.

It’s usually a good idea to carry water from a tap to the diffuser. Some oil diffusers come with a complimentary cup for refilling the water, but usually the cup only holds a small amount of water. This might mean several trips between the tap and diffuser. You could use your own cup or jug to only need one trip between the tap and diffuser.

The design of the essential oil diffuser

Most diffusers for essential oils have the same main features and functions, so the real difference will be in the appearance and design. Look for a diffuser that will fit in with the décor in the room. Think about your own personal style. If you are using the diffuser in a workspace, think about what your other colleagues or customers/clients would like in a design.

You can choose a diffuser that blends in with other décor and room finishes. Or you can choose a diffuser that makes a real statement and becomes a fashion accessory or talking point.

There are so many designs to choose from: wood grain appearance, ceramic oil diffusers, glass outer cover, domes, cyclinders, modern, sleek, frosted glass.

Reasons To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser 2022

Essential oils are used for many different health benefits and remedies. You can buy and create essential oil recipes for all sorts of ailments and health issues. The most common use is to help with cough and cold symptoms, and to help with sleep issues.

I’ve created a list of reasons to use the best essential oil diffuser in your home:

Oil Diffusers Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble falling asleep, or do you keep getting up during the night? By using the right essential oil blend in the best essential oil diffuser, you can create a mist that lasts for most of the night. This is the best and longest lasting way to benefit from essential oils.

You could also directly apply an essential oil blend to your skin, but not everyone likes this. Some people find oils too irritating for the skin.

By using the best essential oil diffuser, your whole household can benefit from the mist.

Essential Oils Lift Your Mood

If you’re not in a good mood or you’re feeling a little stressed or anxious, using the best essential oil diffuser and the best essential oil blend can help change your mood.

The fragrances of the essential oil can help reverse any negative moods and leave you feeling more calm, relaxed and happy. The same can be said for others in your home- everyone can benefit from the use of an essential oil diffuser!

Using the best essential oil diffuser in your work place can also help lift the moods of your colleagues and clients, creating a more positive work environment!

Essential Oil Diffusers Help You Breathe Better

Sometimes when your airways are inflamed, or you’re feeling congested, you might find it hard to breathe. One way to help with this is by using the appropriate essential oil blend in the best essential oil diffuser.

Speak to your doctor or naturopath about this to make sure it’s suitable for your own medical needs- I’m not a health professional so cannot provide medical or health advice. Personally, I’ve used an essential oil diffuser when I’ve been sick with a cold and the vapors have cleared my airways and helped me breathe more easily- especially while I’m sleeping.

Essential Oils Can Help With Pain Relief

While there are some excellent traditional pain relief choices out there, if you’re wanting to try something more natural, using essential oils can help with this. Even though you’re not applying the essential oils directly to your skin, using essential oils in the best essential oil diffuser can create vapors that help you manage pain relief.

Another good reason to use an essential oil diffuser, is that it may help with pain relief but also helps change your mood. When you’re pain, you’re not feeling the best- you’re stressed, angry or even exhausted.

An essential oil diffuser can help with pain relief in multiple ways!

Repel Insects

Summertime means hello insects! I hate mosquitoes- they give me an allergic reaction. If you’re like me and you hate insects like mosquitoes in your home, then using an essential oil blend in the best essential oil diffuser can help repel insects.

Insects hate certain smells, so if you’re running your diffuser in your home, you could stop them from coming in.

Safer Alternative To Candles

Using scented candles can be dangerous- many fires have been started from candles, and if you have kids or pets then you want to keep them away from an open flame.

Using an essential oil diffuser is the next best thing to a scented candle- you get the beautiful scent filling your home without having to worry about an open flame.

Helps Allergies

If you suffer from allergies and are looking for natural ways to relieve your symptoms, then an essential oil diffuser may be the solution. There are special essential oil blends to help soothe different allergic reactions and symptoms, and even prevent further attacks from occurring.

There’s no better way to naturally treat your allergies!

In conclusion

One final word when shopping for diffusers for essential oils: if you prefer to make your choice based on other customer reviews on Amazon, keep in mind that some of the positive best essential oil diffuser reviews are from people who’ve received the product for free in exchange for an essential oil diffuser review. Some of these essential oil diffuser reviews may be biased.

Some of the negative customer oil diffuser reviews are from people who haven’t chosen the best diffuser for essential oils to suit their personal needs or haven’t used the oil diffuser properly. Home Health Living’s best essential oil diffuser reviews should give you a better idea of the one that is right for you.

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