Best hot rollers for fine hair: curls without damage

best hot rollers for fine hair

When it comes to fine hair, you need to treat it with care. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to style or curl it. This is why I’ve researched to find the best hot rollers for fine hair.

Even if you have fine, delicate hair you can still have gorgeous curls that will leave you feeling like a million bucks!

During my research, I looked for heated rollers that would be better suited to fine hair and allow you to have better control over the rollers so that your hair doesn’t become damaged.

best hot rollers for fine hair

Best hot rollers for fine hair

There are two main problems women with fine hair face when they’re trying to curl their hair. Firstly, the curls usually only last an hour or two then fall out. Secondly, using a hot curling wand or some other form of heat easily damages the hair- hair dries out more and can easily break.

But using hot rollers is a better option if you have fine, delicate hair. The rollers don’t heat to as high a temperature as a curling wand does, plus you can leave your rollers in your hair for longer so that your curls last longer.

I’ve researched and found the best hot rollers for fine hair that will help protect your hair while also giving it the curls you’ve always dreamed of, that will last longer than any other curling method! Put those curling wands away, girl!


CONAIR Infiniti Pro Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

Conair is one of the best selling heat rollers on the market which is why I’ve added it to my list of the best hot rollers for fine hair.

I really like that it includes different sized flocked rollers- jumbo, large, medium and small. Having fine hair means that you may not need to use a large roller because you don’t have thick hair strands that need more space.

There are 4 jumbo rollers, 6 large, 6 medium and 4 small and also 20 clips that are easy to use to keep your rollers firmly in place.

It takes less than 2 minutes for the rollers to heat up before they’re ready for you to use. They heat up to 80 degrees Celsius which is much better for your fine hair than using a very hot curling wand at 200 degrees. This will give you curls without damaging your fine, delicate hair.

Conair uses ceramic technology so that the heat is evenly distributed through the rollers, making it easier for you to curl your hair. It also has anti-static, anti-frizz technology which is really important because fine hair gets frizzy very easily!

The set also includes a bonus Argan oil hair treatment.


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For fine hair, you want the best quality hot rollers that will give you the curls you want without damaging your hair. For this reason, I’ve added BaBylissPRO to my list of the best hot rollers for fine hair.

The salon-quality hot rollers are nano titanium ceramic that uses gentle heat which gives an even heat and doesn’t create hotspots. This also eliminates frizz and leaves your hair looking healthy and glowing.

The set includes 20 velvet flocked rollers in various sizes. There are 6 small (3/4”), 6 medium (1”) and 8 large (1 ¼”). There are also 12 butterfly and 12 color coded clips included. There’s a handy compartment for storing your clips which makes it so easy to use your set and keep it neat and tidy.

Because of the flocking, it’s easy to remove the rollers when you’ve finished. They come out so easily without you ruining your curls.

I’ve read through other reviews from people with fine hair and they have all said that hot rollers gives them better curls than any other hair curling method!


Remington is a fantastic, well-known hair care brand which is one of the reasons I’ve added the Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter  on my list of the best hot rollers for fine hair.

The hot rollers use thermal wax core for longer lasting curls because it retains high heat for longer, which means you have better volume. Simply switch on the unit and wait for the indicator light to shine which tells you that the rollers are hot enough to use. But don’t worry- the rollers have cool touch ends so that you can safely use them without getting burnt.

There are 20 velvet flocked rollers which feature Ionic Conditioning which reduces frizz and leaves your curls looking healthy and shiny. There are 3 roller sizes: ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” and there are 3 color-coded clips. Also included are J-clips that have been designed to securely hold the hot rollers in place.

Finally, there’s a 2-year limited warranty for extra peace of mind which I think is great!


The Conair compact hot rollers are great if you’re not wanting ceramic or ionic hot rollers. These are compact and made by plastic but will still leave you with lovely curls.

The grip on the rollers is a patented design, designed to grip your hair more securely which is great when you’re in a hurry to get ready and don’t want to be playing around trying to get the rollers to stay in your hair.

There are 20 hot rollers included: 8 small (1/2”), 6 medium (3/4”) and 6 large (1”) and there are also 20 color-coded stainless steel clips which are stored inside the hair setter- making it easy to pack your clips away when you’ve finished using them.

There’s an indicator light that lights up red when the hot rollers are heated and ready to use.

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The Conair Xtreme hot roller use ceramic-infused technology so that the heat is even in the rollers. This means that you will have more even-looking curls rather than sections of your hair that aren’t curled properly.

It takes about 85 seconds for the rollers to heat up.

The rollers also have twice the flocking of other brands which is great for reducing frizz and ease of removing when you’re curls are done.

There are 12 rollers in total in both jumbo and super jumbo sizes. If you’re someone who prefers small hot rollers then this is not the best hot roller set for you- please see one of the others I have mentioned in this review.

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best hot rollers for fine hair

How to use hot rollers for fine hair

Once you’ve chosen the best heated rollers for your fine hair, plan all the other things you need to do to make sure your hair curls properly and doesn’t become damaged.

Fine hair needs to be protected from heat. Even though heated rollers use less heat than curling wands, you still should use heat protecting serum in your hair to add more moisture.

The problem with fine hair is that it loses moisture under normal conditions, so it tends to be quite dry. Add heat from styling products and you’re left with very dry and brittle hair that breaks easily like a pretzel stick!

You can use a special serum or even just use something like coconut oil which will add moisture to your hair before you treat it with heat from the heated rollers.

The other common issue with curling fine hair is that the curls don’t last long. An hour or so later and you’re left with limp-looking hair. That’s why you need extra product in your hair before using hot rollers. Try something like a mousse or volumizer that will help protect the curls so they last longer.

Unfortunately unlike women with thicker hair, you’re going to need to spend more time curling your fine hair.

Set aside about 90 minutes in total. I know, that sounds long! But it’s best you leave your heated rollers in your hair for at least an hour. Women with regular hair need only about 30-45 minutes. You need more time.

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