10 best hygrometer brands with great accuracy

most accurate indoor hygrometer review

To find out how humid or dry your home is, you need the best hygrometer that’s going to help you get the right information, so you can decide if you need a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home. We share our tips on the best hygrometer for your home.

Best hygrometer brands 2021 with great accuracy

How can you find out how humid or dry the air in your home is?

By using the best hygrometer thermometer, also known as a digital humidity meter, you can accurately measure the moisture level and temperature in a room. This helps you decide whether you need a humidifier or dehumidifier in your home.

What is a hygrometer used for?

A hygrometer is an instrument that measures the relative humidity of the air in a room or space is so that you know whether the air has too much moisture or not enough moisture.

This will help you decide whether you need to buy a humidifier or you need to buy a dehumidifier, or whether there are other things you should be doing to reduce humidity (such as adding plants that absorb moisture) or increase moisture in your home.

Using a hygrometer helps you understand whether your humidity level and moisture level is too high, which can lead to condensation, mold and mildew. A hygrometer is much like a guage instrument that measures the humidity.

It’s one of the first steps to take when you’re trying to either add moisture in your home or remove humidity, which is something we go into more detail when looking at how to dehumidify your bathroom.

Here’s a table showing you the best hygrometers I’ve researched and reviewed that will help measure humidity:

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Digital HygrometerFeaturesPrice
AcuRite 00613 Indoor Humidity Monitor
Indoor only
No additional sensors available
15 second readings
No alarm
1 AA battery (not included)
Check Price Here
Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless with 4 Remote Sensors
Up to 8 sensors (only 4 included)
60 second readings
Features alarm
Main unit requires 4 AAA batteries (not incl.)
Remote sensors require 2 x AAA (not incl.)
Check Price Here
Extech 445815 Humidity Meter with Alarm and Remote Probe
Indoor only
No additional sensors available
Includes alarm
1 AAA battery included
Check Price Here
best hygrometer

Best Hygrometer- Digital Hygrometer Reviews 2021

In summary, our best digital hygrometers are:

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SensorPush Wireless Thermometer & Hygrometer

AcuRite 00613MB Indoor Humidity Monitor

Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Three Remote Sensors

Extech 445715 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer



best hygrometer

Best Hygrometer Reviews 2021

The SensorPush wireless thermometer and hygrometer humidity guage is one of the best digital hygrometers in 2021 for those who love technology and smart devices.

It’s been designed with you in mind- you’re a busy person. The right temperature and humidity is important to you but you have other things to worry about. It would be easier to have humidity taken care of without much fuss.

The SensorPush has a Swiss-made sensing compontent that’s accurate and reliable when measuring temperature and humidity and relative humidity.

You can set the ideal humidity level you want and then forget about it.

You’ll receive an alert on your phone if there’s an issue or problem.

Remote monitoring is possible. You can receive data and alerts via the internet by purchasing a SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway. You can monitor your readings via an easy-to-use app that’s compatible with iPhone and Android.

For those who love monitoring data, you can use the app to view your data or you can download a CSV file to use in MS Excel.

When compared with the other hygrometers we have reviewed, the SensorPush is a lot more tech-savvy and designed for people who like playing around with apps and smart technology.

People who aren’t tech savvy won’t be as excited by the SensorPush and may even view it as unnecessary.

When we tested out the SensorPush, we tested out its wireless capabilities by walking with an iPhone to different parts of the house to see if it could pick up the signal.

The first thing to note is that the SensorPush is 4G compatible, and not 5G. This seems to be a common issue with other digital hygrometers that have wi-fi capabilities.

Moving more than 100 feet away and as long as the “line of sight” is clear and not obstructed, you will be ok.

One of the homes we tested the SensorPush in had a 6-foot water tank which we noticed was an obstruction even when within 100 meters.

Just like with internet coverage, a signal strength is weaker the further away you or your gateway is from the device.

best hygrometer diagram showing relationship between distance and signal

Image: As the distance is further, the signal is weaker. (Source: SensorPush)

On SensorPush’s website, the company mentions that you are able to refund the product if you find that you can’t get a good signal.

When comparing the graph above with our own experiences of testing the SensorPush, we found that it was challenging to get a good signal in certain homes while in others it was ok.

There are many factors that influence signal. If you want to learn more about this, we recommend reading this article by Robert Wilson from the University of Southern California, about transmission losses from common building materials.

The SensorPush stores the last 20 days of data. This is great for if you’re going away or if you don’t have access to the internet while you’re out.

Your one mobile device can monitor an unlimited number of sensors. You can purchase extra sensors if you need more than one room monitored.

One sensor can also be monitored by multiple mobile devices. If there’s more than one person in your household, then all of you can monitor the device.

This is great if you’re too busy or away, and your partner or someone else in your family is able to monitor the data.

Can you use the device wirelessly? Yes, up to 100 metres without obstructions. In a normal home this is usually sufficient. You should be able to walk around your home and read the data from any room or place including your basement and when you want to dehumidify your garage or you want to dehumidify your bathroom.

Can you use the hygrometer sensors outside?

No. The SensorPush is not waterproof. It is meant to be used as an indoor hygrometer.

It can be used outside but only in places that are protected from snow, rain and frost. A covered outdoor area is more suitable. We tested out the SensorPush in an al fresco outdoor area that was weather-protected. We found that the signal was ok if you are close to the sensor but again, if there are obstructions in your home then this is an issue.

The battery needs to be replaced about once per year.


You can use your phone to keep track of humidity levels and get a ping when there’s an issue

The quality is great


If you don’t like smart devices and technology then it is a waste of money

If you have signal issues in your home then you won’t be able to use the app feature

The battery type is harder to find

Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity Monitor

Similar to the SensorPush, the Govee wireless digital indoor hygrometer allows you to monitor humidity via an app on your phone.

There are 3 different Govee hygrometer models on the market, and each have different specifications.

The Govee website prides itself on the hygrometer being small and portable and easy to use in small spaces where you need to check humidity levels.

While we agree the Govee is small, it is slightly larger than the SensorPush, so if size is an issue, I’d look at the SensorPush first.

The Govee we have reviewed can connect to your wi-fi and is 5G wi-fi compatible while the other two Govee hygrometers are not 5G compatible. This is important to think about if you only have 5G capabilities.

If data is your thing, the Govee can store a lot more data than the SensorPush, which only stores the last 20 days of data. The Govee can record over 2 years of data.

Data sharing between devices is really easy, which is a positive!

We put old batteries into the sensor to test out the low battery alarm and sure enough, it worked.

A positive is that 3-AAA batteries are used which are easy to replace, unlike the SensorPush which uses a less common battery type.

Calibration is easy and the sensor is fairly accurate and without much discrepancy.


The model we tested was 5G compatible

Swiss quality design

Easy to connect your wi-fi to and to use the app

Uses 3 x AAA batteries which are easy to replace


Slightly larger than the SensorPush humidity sensor

Some of the Govee hygrometer models are not 5G compatible

If you need humidity and temperature readings for different areas in your home, then the Ambient Weather WS-10 will allow you to do this.

The Ambient Weather WS-10 is a great option for those looking for a digital thermo hygrometer. Inside the main console, there is an indoor thermometer/hygrometer with an additional 3 thermo/hygrometer sensors displaying information at the same time. The system can use up to 8 sensors- only 3 sensors are included in the price when purchasing the Ambient Weather WS-10, however additional sensors can be purchased.

If you’re looking to buy an outdoor thermometer hygrometer, you’ll be happy to know that the Ambient Weather WS-10 can be used outside.

There is a display on the actual sensors as well on the main console- so you can check your main console to obtain the readings of the additional sensors.

Even though the information can only be displayed for up to 4 sensors, if you have more than 4 sensors there is a scroll through mode available. The display unit automatically scrolls through up to 8 of the sensors without you needing to do anything.

The console display shows you the temperature and humidity, with both a minimum and maximum value.

What we love about the Ambient Weather WS-10 is that you can set a minimum and maximum humidity level, and when the room reaches this level, the display console has an audible and visual alarm to let you know. This will help you know when you need to adjust the humidity and temperature in a room. Note that this feature is not possible for sensors located outside.


  • Being able to measure multiple temperature and humidity levels at the same time both indoors and outdoors
  • An excellent choice for large homes with many rooms
  • Audio and visual alarms to indicate when a temperature/humidity level has been reached


  • The alarm feature is only possible in indoor locations
  • Can be costly when adding up the additional sensors and batteries required
  • Is more complex to set up initially

The AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy is the latest AcuRite model for measuring humidity and temperature. We’ve chosen it as one of the best indoor hygrometers because AcuRite is a well-known hygrometer brand.

It’s a simple yet effective hygrometer for someone who wants an accurate reading but doesn’t care about paying for any extra features. You aren’t a data nerd who needs to see lots of information and data. You just want the hygrometer to do its job.

The AcuRite measures indoor temperature and humidity. Temperature has an accuracy of +/- 0.5deg F and humidity of +/-2%RH. You can manually calibrate the unit if you prefer. The instruction manual shows you how to calibrate the unit for more accurate readings.

The unit shows you the high and low data for the past 24 hours or you can choose to see the data for “all-time”. Humidity and temperature is measured every 10 seconds.

You can place the unit on a wall or on a tabletop. It also has a magnet to help with mounting.

A top rated hygrometer, the AcuRite has a very good level of accuracy when compared with other hygrometers.

When considering the humidity readings, the AcuRite is accurate to within about 3%,however this can vary up to 5%. It gives an excellent general overview of the humidity levels- so if you just need a general idea, then this unit will be satisfactory for you. If you require the most accurate hygrometer, then this not the best choice for you.

The AcuRite has a simple design and easy-to-read information that gives you an accurate and clear reading by either looking at the humidity percentage, or by looking at the simple humidity level icon.

For those looking to buy a digital thermo hygrometer, the AcuRite includes a digital thermometer within the unit so that you can also get a temperature reading. You can clearly see the low and high temperatures and humidity levels recorded over the past 24 to 36 hours.

The AcuRite has as fold-out stand and a magnetic backing so that you can choose where to place the unit- either standing or on a refrigerator. Its compact design means that it can be used anywhere in the home- even in your crawl space, if you’re concerned about humidity levels (which you can read more about HERE).

It only requires 1 AA battery.


  • Sleek Design
  • Indoor thermometer hygrometer
  • Amazon top seller
  • Easy and clear to understand


most accurate indoor hygrometer review

The Extech is a humidity meter which measures humidity levels, temperature and, unlike most other digital hygrometers, it measures the dew point. This is the point at which condensation occurs.

Its large design makes it easy to view the readings, and it can be mounted on a wall but also includes a stand for use on a desk.

The Extech is another great option for those looking for a digital thermo hygrometer that can measure both humidity and temperature.

The digital hygrometer includes an audio and visual alarm so that you can set a humidity level or temperature and the unit will let you know once the set level has been reached. You can set new levels by pressing the reset button at the bottom of the unit.

One of the great things about the Extech thermo hygrometer is that it includes a remote probe that can either be clipped onto the unit or it can be extended using the included 18 inch cable.

This means that you can use the Extech for readings behind walls and in hard to reach places, for example when you want to dehumidify crawl spaces.

For digital hygrometer calibration, the Extech has an optional calibration kit or it can be calibrated using the rear adjustment pot that has a minimum and maximum function as well as a reset function.

If you want the most accurate digital hygrometer on the market, the Extech is worth considering. It is a high accuracy hygrometer.

If you are looking for the best hygrometer, the Extech comes with an optional NIST Traceable Certification. It meets ISO and other national standards for product accuracy.


  • Able to measure readings in remote areas
  • Simple to read and use
  • High accuracy hygrometer ISO and national standards for product accuracy


  • No wireless sensors
  • Price

The La Crosse Technology indoor hygrometer and thermometer is an ideal hygrometer for checking humidity and temperatures in any room in your home, which is perfect for when you’re using a dehumidifier in your bathroom.

It’s a great unit for someone who doesn’t have a large budget for a hygrometer and wants something simple and easy to use. Now it’s easy to dehumidify your garage, dehumidify crawl spaces and dehumidify your bathroom.

It has a lovely, stylish design. Most hygrometers are plain. If you’re someone who wants your hygrometer to fit in with other elements in your home, the La Crosse Technology hygrometer would be perfect for you.

You can set the time on the unit to show in 12/24 hour time. It can be mounted to a wall or left on a tabletop.

Included with the unit is one cell battery.

Frequently asked questions about hygrometers

Regardless of where you live, whether it’s in a tropical region or somewhere cold where you constantly use heating, your home’s air quality will impact your comfort and health.

It’s important to know the humidity level in your home. If the humidity is too high, you’ll  want to use a dehumidifier. If the humidity is too low, you’ll want to add moisture to the air via a humidifier.

The best way to check the humidity level in your home is by measuring it using a hygrometer. Make sure you have an understanding of optimal humidity levels- this isn’t just something people in the tropics need to know. If you’ve ever suffered from a dry cough in the middle of winter, it’s probably from a low humidity level. And your bathroom is sure to be humid especially after it’s been used, so a hygrometer is perfect for checking humidity levels so that you can plan on how to dehumidify your bathroom.

How To Choose The Best Hygrometer

How can you find the best hygrometer for your home?

When I was researching and reviewing digital hygrometers currently on the market, I considered the following:

Ease of use


Battery life




When you read about digital hygrometers, many consumers talk about the accuracy of the measurements. This is one of the biggest pitfalls of a digital hygrometer- you will always find a difference in measurement from one digital hygrometer to the next. There are always slight variances, and it’s very difficult to get a reading that is 100% accurate. You want the most accurate hygrometer for home use.

If you keep this in mind when choosing a digital hygrometer, you won’t be disappointed. For each hygrometer I’ve reviewed, I’ve mentioned how accurate the hygrometer is. Some are better at accuracy than others.

When choosing the best digital hygrometer, think about the space where you will be using the hygrometer and how many rooms you’d like to measure.

If you need it for multiple rooms, particularly if you have a large home or live in a tropical environment, you’d need to choose a digital hygrometer that has more than one digital sensor and can perform multiple readings.

Why Should I Buy A Digital Hygrometer?

Most humidifiers now come with a built in humidistat, which is essentially a type of hygrometer.

Humidifiers use the humidistat to determine whether the desired humidity level has been reached- and once it reaches this level, the machine usually shuts off.

However, humidistats are not always accurate, and may only measure the humidity level in the surrounding area of the home. To get a more accurate reading of the humidity level in an entire room, you’d be better off buying the most accurate hygrometer.

For example, an asthmatic or person with other respiratory problems would want to prevent dryness in the air, which can irritate the respiratory system. By using a digital hygrometer, an asthmatic person can keep an eye on moisture levels and when they drop below a certain point, they can switch on their humidifier.

Choosing the best hygrometer can also help you measure how humid a room is so that you can adjust the humidity levels and prevent mold and bacteria build up.

Some areas of the home are more prone to humidity such as bathrooms and laundries. This can lead to paint and furniture damage as well as respiratory issues.

If you are looking for a digital thermo hygrometer, you won’t have trouble finding one that can measure both temperature and humidity levels.

If you are budget-conscious or someone who prefers to reduce energy consumption for environmental reasons, using the best indoor hygrometer can help you with this.

Rather than leaving a humidifier to run for hours, a digital hygrometer can let you know when your desired humidity level has been reached.

Some digital hygrometers have an alarm that will let you know. You can then switch on or off your humidifier or dehumidifier, potentially saving you money on your energy bills.

You can find more information about increasing humidity levels by reading our post about the best humidifiers.

Here are blogs we’ve written to help you increase or decrease the humidity in your home:

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