Want to drink the most purified water possible? A reverse osmosis water filter system can remove most contaminants including fluoride!

And if you’re someone who wants to remove the fluoride in your drinking water, you may have been shopping around for the best water filter that removes fluoride. Your typical water filter pitchers, countertop water filter systems and under sink water filters remove many different contaminants however most do not remove fluoride.

Except for reverse osmosis drinking water filters.

Home Health Living has researched and reviewed the best reverse osmosis system, to make it easier for you to choose the system you want to purchase. We look at under sink reverse osmosis systems as well as countertop systems, and share with you our top picks for 2016.

Best reverse osmosis system 2017

What’s better- a reverse osmosis under sink or countertop water filter system?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer the system to be hidden away under the sink, especially if they have space under their sink. Other people move around a lot and cannot attach something permanently to their kitchen faucet, so a portable countertop system is much better.

Our reverse osmosis water filter reviews cover both under sink and countertop systems.

Best under sink reverse osmosis system

Home Health Living’s top choice for best reverse osmosis water filter

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-50)

We’ve chosen the APEC as the best reverse osmosis water filter for 2016 because of a number of reasons, but mainly because of the quality of the system.

It is U.S. manufactured to high standards by a WQA-certified manufacturer, and features leading technology that removes up to 99% of contaminants. The APEC can remove arsenic, lead, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and of course fluoride.

The water filters are premium and long-lasting while the fittings are quick and easy to connect with no extra steps required to seal or prevent leakage. All tubing is certified food grade standard, and the chrome faucet included with the system is 100% lead-free.

The feed water adapter is versatile, and has been made to suit most under counter water feed lines, with either a 3/8” or ½” connection.

There is a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support available.

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iSpring RCC7 WQA Gold Seal Certified 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System – 75 GPD

While the iSpring RCC7 is not Home Health Living’s number 1 choice for best under sink reverse osmosis water filter for 2017, we still rate it highly.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., the iSpring RCC7 is a reliable and popular under sink reverse osmosis water filter sytem that has been gold seal certified by the WQA.

It rejects up to 99% of contaminants including chlorine, lead, arsenic, pesticides, fertilizers and fluoride.

Its 5 system filter cartridges are cheaper to replace than other system cartridges, however this could be due to a granulated activated carbon filter being used. This makes the iSpring more cost effective.

The 1st stage filter is housed in transparent casing so that you can see how dirty the filter is and have a better idea of when to change it.

Other systems such as the APEC use a more superior carbon filter. Nonetheless, the iSpring RCC7 has received many positive reviews from consumers.

All components of the iSpring system are food grade certified and independently tested for quality. Tubing is color-coded for ease of installation.

The automatic shut-off valve has undergone improvements since the last iSpring model was on the market. The feed water adapter was also upgraded to solid metal to prevent leakage and connection issues. There is also a water detector included which works as an alarm in case of water leakage.

The faucet included with the iSpring water filter system is a high quality, lead-free European designed faucet. It comes in a number of different finishes, including brushed nickel and chrome.

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Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

The Home Master Artesian TMAFC reverse osmosis water filter is made in the U.S. A. and features 7 stages of filtration, more than any other reverse osmosis system.

The stages of filtration and enhancement remove up to 98 percent of chemicals, chloramine and contaminants. It also adds back essential nutrients and minerals for great taste. The Home Master TMAFC Artesian has patented technology that adds back calcium and magnesium twice during the filtration process.

The catalytic carbon filters enable chloramine to be filtered out of the water, which is something that most over reverse osmosis filters cannot do. This is because other systems typically use ordinary carbon filters that do not have the ability to filter out chloramine.

Despite there being a 7-stage filtration process, the water flow rate is much faster than that of other reverse osmosis systems. Home Master claims that the water flows twice as fast as traditional reverse osmosis systems, because Home Master uses larger fittings and tubing which doubles the flow rate.

What we like about the Home Master Artesian is that unlike other reverse osmosis systems, the canisters that house the water filters are also removed and changed when the filters are changed. With other reverse osmosis systems, the canisters remain unchanged. This can cause problems because the canisters have a build-up of sediments, biofilm and microorganisms. The canisters become weak and damaged and will eventually leak.

Home Master’s filters are an all-in-one design – the filter is incorporated into the canister and the entire thing is disposable.

The filters used in the Home Master Artesian are long lasting and are simple to change. The filters need to be changed once a year or every 2000 gallons of use. You don’t even need a wrench to change them over!

The unit comes with a 3/8” feed water adapter and an automatic shut off valve. There is also a dedicated chrome reverse osmosis faucet.

The Home Master Artesian comes with a 5-year limited warranty on parts.

Countertop reverse osmosis water filter systems

APEC Water – US Made – Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter – Portable & Installation-Free (RO-CTOP)

APEC’s countertop reverse osmosis water filter system is made in the U.S.A. and is a high performance reverse osmosis system.

It features a 4-stage filtration process that removes contaminants such as chlorine, VOCs, arsenic, lead, bacteria, viruses and fluoride.

The 3rd stage features a membrane made by world-leading Dow “Filmtec” high rejection reverse osmosis membrane.

The APEC is a very easy to use system- it is lightweight, and requires no installation. All you need to do is hook it up to your faucet and it is ready in minutes. The system is portable, so it is perfect for those who are travelers, renters or students living on campus.

Portable Universal 5-stage Reverse Osmosis RO Purification Water System with DI Deionizing Mixed Bed 0PPM postfilter, made in USA

The Reverse Osmosis Revolution portable universal reverse osmosis water system is a U.S.A. made, 5-stage water filtration system. It is ideal for people who move a lot, such as travelers, students and those living in rental accommodation.

The system delivers around 3 gallons of filtered water per hour. The system easily attaches to most kitchen faucets without the need for a plumber for installation.

The filtration process involves a 5-stage system that removes most contaminants in your drinking water. The U.S.A.-made reverse osmosis membrane removes contaminants including arsenic, aluminium, cyanide, chloride, calcium, mercury, lead, fluoride, herbicides and insecticides.

The unit comes with a chrome metal diverter for kitchen faucets, and fits most kitchen faucets.

Reverse osmosis water purification features a high pressure pump that pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane which can remove the finest of contaminants in water, including fluoride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse osmosis wastes water

Reverse osmosis means that for every part of filtered water, there are between 1 to 3 parts of water that is flushed away along with all the contaminants. Many people view this as being wasteful, and of course it does mean that you are using more water (and paying for it). Some suggest using the “wasted water” on your garden.

Reverse osmosis reduces water pressure

People often complain about their reverse osmosis system, saying that the water pressure reduces after installation of the filter system.

There are three reasons why your water flow may be reduced:

The reverse osmosis filtered water isn’t delivered fast enough from the tank to the faucet
The reverse osmosis water tank doesn’t hold as much water as you expect it to
The reverse osmosis water tank isn’t being filled up fast enough

Is it true that reverse osmosis does not remove chlorine?

A reverse osmosis membrane cannot filter chlorine, BUT this is a non-issue, because in a reverse osmosis system there are carbon filters in earlier stages that remove the chlorine. By the time the water reaches the membrane, the chlorine has already been filtered out. A reverse osmosis membrane would be ruined if chlorine was still present in the water.

Does reverse osmosis remove essential minerals and nutrients in our water?

Yes, reverse osmosis filtration removes minerals found in water. But according to this article about reverse osmosis, our nutrient and mineral intake from food is more important than our mineral intake from water. What is more important is removing the chemicals found in water.

In conclusion

A reverse osmosis water filter system gives you extra filtration that is not found with other filters found in water filter pitchers and other countertop systems.

The extra filtration provided by the reverse osmosis membrane is important to many people, especially those who believe that fluoride contributes to health issues. A reverse osmosis water filter removes most fluoride.

If you think a reverse osmosis water filter is out of your budget range, then there are cheaper water filter options available for you, such as a water filter pitcher. We have detailed reviews of the best water filter pitchers on the market in 2016.