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You want to improve your drinking water and remove contaminants, but how do you choose the best water filter pitcher to do this?

The top rated water filter pitcher among consumers isn’t always the best when it comes to removing contaminants.

What makes a pitcher the best water filter pitcher is the filter itself- the quality of the filter determines the quality of the water. Unless you’re buying a pitcher for its design, you need to know a lot more about the filter: whether it’s certified, does it remove the contaminants that it claims to, are replacement filters easily available and what long-term costs do you need to factor?

Considering all of this, what’s the best water filter pitcher 2020?

I decided to review water filter pitchers to answer this question and along the way I found out that the most common questions consumers have about water filter pitchers is:

  • Are these water filter pitchers that remove fluoride?
  • What’s the best filter pitcher?
  • Are there best water filter pitcher consumer reports available?
  • Zero water pitcher vs Brita: which one is best?
  • What’s the top rated water filter pitcher?
  • What’s the best alkalizing water pitcher?
  • What are the best water filter pitchers for drinking water?
  • How can I compare water filter pitchers?

There are many other questions, and this post aims to address as many as possible (without overwhelming you!).

It’s important to know the best pitcher water filter system before deciding which one to buy!

Best Water Filter Pitcher 2020: Reviews & Analysis

Want a water filter pitcher comparison? Here’s a handy comparison table for you.


Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher 150 Gallon
best water filter pitcher 2016
Removes fluoride and lead
5-stage filtration
150 gallon capacity
Made in the U.S.A.
Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, 10 Cup
best water filter pitcher 2016
Current best seller
10-cup capacity
Ergonomic design
PUR LED 11 Cup Pitcher
11-cup capacity
Maxion technology filters
Comfort grip handle
40 gallon filter capacity
Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

64-oz capacity
200 gallon water filter capacity- longer than other filters
Removes up to 99.99% chlorine
Ergonomic handle
Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer By Invigorated Water,
alkaline water filter pitcher
Ionizes water
Designed in Australia
7-stage alkaline water filter
Easy-filling lid system
Ergonomic design
ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher
Built-in spigot
Great countertop option
10-cup capacity
Patented 5-stage filtration
Ion exchange filter
Battery powered TSD testing meter included

Home Health Living’s “Top Pick”: Best Water Filter Pitcher 

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review


“What water filter pitcher removes fluoride?”

While researching to write my Aquagear water filter pitcher review, I discovered many things I liked about this brand.

If you’re looking for water filter pitchers that removes fluoride and lead, then the Aquagear pitcher is the best pitcher water filter system option for you. Of all the different water filters that remove fluoride, very few of them are found in pitchers. The Aquagear is the best water filter pitcher for fluoride removal.

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

Water runs through the Aquagear 5-stage filtration system, which removes far more contaminants than any other water filter pitcher currently on the market. This may make the Aquagear the best water filter pitcher for drinking water, hard water and well water!

Its 150-gallon capacity makes it an ideal option for families wanting the benefits of drinking water without the added contaminants. It’s a great choice for those looking for the best water filter pitcher for drinking water because it improves the taste.

We’re impressed that although it has a powerful filtration system, the Aquagear does not remove the important nutrients in water that are beneficial for our bodies, such as magnesium and potassium. Many of the best filter pitchers remove the good stuff, and we don’t want that!

The Aquagear was clearly made with consumers in mind, particularly those who are environmentally conscious. If you refuse to drink bottled water for this reason, you’d be happy to know that the Aquagear is 100% BPA-free, made in the U.S.A., recyclable and vegan-friendly.

A big “thumbs up” from Home Health Living!

What’s the difference between Aquagear and Brita?

Check out the following Aquagear water filter pitcher review video:


 Best Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Best water filter pitcher for fast filtering

Despite not being NSF-certified, Brita’s water filter pitchers are the current best-selling top rated water filter pitcher. I’ve previously reviewed the Brita 10 cup pitcher because it’s been popular for its ease of use and it’s a brand you can trust.

I’ve now updated my best water filter pitcher list to include the latest Brita water filter pitcher.

The Brita 10-cup stream “filter as you pour” water pitcher was released in December 2016. It’s a great new design that overcomes one of the biggest issues people have with water filter pitchers: how long it takes to filter the water.

Usually, you’d fill the pitcher with water and then wait while the water passes through the filter. This can sometimes take a few minutes! Who wants to wait?

Brita uses one of the best water pitcher filters for drinking water.

With the new Brita 10-cup water filter pitcher, the water is filtered as your pour the water into your glass. This way, the water doesn’t take long to filter. You don’t need to wait for the entire pitcher of water to filter.

Your filters can last longer because they’re only being used when you’re pouring yourself a drink. Have you ever had to empty a pitcher of water because the water’s been sitting in the pitcher for too long and you want fresh water? With the new Brita filter, you’re not filtering water that you might not even end up drinking!

I like that the Brita filter has a 10-cup capacity, great for families. It’s LED indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter. The pitcher is BPA-free.

I’m also impressed that Brita now has a TerraCycle filter recycling program! So you’re not only doing great things for your health but also for the environment.


I couldn’t write about the best water filter pitcher 2017 without including a Pur water filter pitcher!

The Pur is another top rated water filter pitcher, and its LED 11 cup pitcher is one of our choices for best water filter pitchers. There is a newer model, the 7-cup pitcher, however when writing the Pur pitcher review, I chose the 11 cup simply for the larger capacity.

The BPA-free Pur pitcher removes 96% of mercury and 95% of other pollutants. It has a capacity of eleven 8 ounce glasses of water. Pur uses Maxion technology, which blends carbon with ion exchange materials. This makes the filter more effective in removing toxins from your water.

The Pur pitcher comes with a comfort grip handle and you simply use your thumb to open the easy-fill lid.

The filter has a capacity of up to 40 gallons of water, which on average is 2-3 months of use. You can buy a Pur pitcher replacement water filter on Amazon:


There are many standard water filter pitchers on the market, but if you’re after something that offers a whole lot more, then the Invigorated Living alkaline water pitcher ionizer is the best filtered water pitcher for you.

If you’ve read other Invigorated Living water pitcher reviews, you’d know that the folks at Invigorated Living have designed a water pitcher that not only filters your water for typical contaminants, but it also ionizes your water.

What does an ionizer do? It creates PH-netural water. Pure water is PH-neutral (or alkaline) but our tap water isn’t, due to different contaminants and minerals. Although there is no credible scientific evidence to support the theory that alkaline water is better for our health, if you’re buying a water filter pitcher then it’s a bonus to own the best alkalizing water pitcher.

Designed in Australia, the Invigorated Living pitcher features a 7-stage alkaline water filter system, including mineral balls, ion exchange resin and activated carbon.

The water filter pitcher removes chlorine odor and taste and heavy metals, while also stopping bacterial growth. Invigorated Living claims that its water pitcher filters 90% of all lead, copper, zinc and pollutants, but it also increases the uptake of essential minerals such as iron and calcium. It does filter fluoride, but not 100%, leaving trace amounts.

The water filter pitcher has a unique design with an easy-filling lid system and ergonomic features, and has rubber feet to prevent slipping or scratching of surfaces. Its materials are BPA-free.

For more information, you can read our alkaline water pitcher post.


If you like the idea of combining the features of a water filter pitcher with those of a counter top system, then the Zero Water ZP-010 water filter pitcher might be the best choice for you.

What we like about the Zero water filter pitcher is the built-in spigot which allows you to dispense water without having to lift the pitcher. So you could have your pitcher sitting in your refrigerator and not have to remove it to dispense the water.

Zero Water’s design is compact to allow you to keep your water filter pitcher in your refrigerator at all times. It also has a 10-cup capacity, which is more than most other water filter pitchers on the market.

The Zero water pitcher filters are the only filters certified to reduce chromium and lead. Its patented 5-stage filtration system includes an ion exchange filter. Stage 1 features an activated carbon-infused micro cloth. Stage 2 is where carbon and oxidation is used to reduce alloys in the water. Stage 3 is where a distributor maximizes contact time. Stage 4 uses the Ion Exchange Filter. Stage 5 uses a non-woven membrane to remove fine particles.

The Zero water filter pitcher has a battery powered TSD testing meter that lets you know how much TSD (total dissolved solids) is contained in your water. It lets you know when it’s time to change your filter.

When buying the Zero Water ZP-010, you receive a TDS meter with your pitcher, as well as a Zero Water Ion Exchange Filter and coupons for future filter purchases.

Choosing The Best Water Filter Pitcher 2021

Why You Should Trust My Research And Reviews

While I’m not a lab technician, don’t have a scientific background, and I’ve never worked as a rocket scientist, I’m a consumer just like you, and I’m also a parent who takes health concerns very seriously.

I’m able to objectively analyze and discuss the different water filter pitchers on the market because I don’t have any sponsorship deals with any of the manufacturers. I research the information out there and I question everything I read before I share it. I have an unbiased view.

It’s easy for a company to provide “independent lab test results” and claims about reductions in contaminants, and while this information can be useful when you’re trying to decide between Pitcher A and Pitcher B, ultimately, the most powerful information out there comes from consumers like you.

I’ve spent countless hours investigating each of the water filter pitchers I’ve reviewed in this post, and have discussed with other consumers their experiences when using these pitchers. I’ve analyzed information and claims about each pitcher, and have researched the accreditation each pitcher has.

A water filter pitcher might be able to remove contaminants such as lead, chlorine, heavy metals, and other odors but all of this is useless if it’s handle breaks or the pitcher leaks water all over your counter and the manufacturer isn’t being very nice about offering a replacement!

Filtered Water Pitcher Reviews: How I Chose The Best

I started researching the best water filter pitcher on the market when I was researching other water filter products available. There are under sink water filters and countertop water filters that are both popular household options, but people usually start off by using a water filter pitcher because they’re convenient and affordable.

I decided not to restrict my research to the best water filter pitchers that were NSF-certified- I also included those that weren’t certified too. While certification is important, sometimes companies can’t afford to pay for certification. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re making false claims, but that they can’t pay for their claims to be tested and verified.

Some NSF-certified water filter pitchers aren’t the best choice, and there could be a better non-certified option available.

I’ve extensively researched water filter pitchers and am presenting all the information that I could find. Ultimately, you’ll need to make the final decision, and this decision will be based on your own needs!

NSF-certified: Important Or Not?

Consumers love certified products and it’s no surprise- many manufacturers have made false claims about products over the years, so consumers like knowing a product has been certified by an independent organization.

The NSF certifies many health-related products including water filters. The NSF calls water filter pitchers “pour through”, because the water pours from the top of the pitcher through the water filter.

When writing my water filtration pitcher reviews, I found that many have different levels of NSF certification. It’s important to find out more about the certification if this is what you’ll base your buying decision on.

Did you know that there are over-60 possible contaminant reduction claims that the NSF tests for? When a manufacturer makes a claim that is NSF certified, the claim could be any one of the over-60 possible claims.

In other words, if you’re worried about health claims when buying a water filter pitcher, check out which health reduction claims the NSF has certified as being correct.

Not only does the NSF test whether the water filter reduces a certain contaminant, it also tests the level of the reduction. Does the filter reduce 50% of something? 90%? This is important when you’re comparing one NSF-certified water filter pitcher with another NSF-certified water filter pitcher.

Simply finding out that a water filter pitcher is NSF-certified shouldn’t be enough for you to decide to buy that pitcher. What claims are certified by the NSF? What do YOU consider important when it comes to the health of your drinking water?

The sad fact is that there isn’t a single water filter on the market that can remove every possible contaminant, but some pitchers remove more than others do.

So you’ve read our review of our top water filter pitchers but you still aren’t sure which one to buy?
Here’s a quick summary of what to look for when choosing the best water filter pitcher for your home. It’s a good idea to compare water filter pitchers before buying one.

How To Find The Best Pitcher Water Filter

Does the water filter pitcher filter out the contaminants that you want it to filter out? Each filter can be quite different. Is removing fluoride from your drinking water important to you? Make sure you choose a pitcher with water filters that remove fluoride.


If alkaline water is important to your health, check that the water filter pitcher features an ionizing filter.

Find The Best BPA Free Water Pitcher

Check if the water filter pitcher is made from BPA-free materials- fortunately, most are.

Environmental Impact

Can any of the components of the water filter pitcher be recycled? If this is important to you, check out the Mavea water filter pitcher that has a filter recycling program.

Cost Factors

When choosing the best filtered water pitcher based on price, don’t forget the cost of replacement filters. Is a filter included when you purchase the pitcher? Does the company sell a bulk pack of replacement filters? How often does the filter need to be replaced? Some pitchers have an indicator to show when you need to replace the filter. Sometimes these indicators are based on time and not usage levels- you may not use your pitcher for several months but the indicator will tell you to replace the filter. Keep this issue in mind!

Why Buy A Water Filter Pitcher?

Sure, there are other water filtration products available on the market, such as under counter filtration systems or countertop water filters.

The great thing about using the best filtered water pitcher is that they’re compact, can be stored in your refrigerator to keep your water cold, and are easy to carry around. Older kids can easily pour themselves a glass of water, and if you’re a renter, you’ll appreciate the portability of a pitcher.

For many people, it’s enough to use the best water filter pitchers for drinking water. However, if you think your household would prefer a more extensive filter option, such as an under sink or reverse osmosis filter, then be sure to read our comprehensive guide to water filter systems.

Before buying, make sure you compare water filter pitchers to find the right one for you. You can do this by looking at our water filter pitcher comparison table at the start of this post.

Common Uses For Filtered Water

Apart from removing the nasties in tap water, here are some other benefits of filtered water from the best filtered water pitcher:

Improves the taste of your tea and coffee

Filtered water is recommended when brewing your own Kombucha

Improves the taste and odor of water- you will find yourself wanting to drink more water! Our reviews share the best water filter pitchers for drinking water

Provides clean and healthy water for cooking

Helps prevent illnesses caused by water contaminants

Provides healthy drinking water for your pets

If you’re still not sure whether to invest in a water filter pitcher, here’s a post with more reasons to drink filtered water.

Keep yourself hydrated and fresh this summer with a water filter pitcher in your kitchen, ready for your family to drink the cleanest and freshest water. Our filtered water pitcher reviews will help you find the best pitcher for your family. It’s a good idea to compare water filter pitchers before making your choice. Look back at our water filter pitcher comparison table to help!

Whether you want a filter to improve the taste, or you want a water filter pitcher that removes fluoride, choosing the best water filter pitcher 2017 from my reviews will give you better quality and better tasting water.

Remember with the heat of summer, it’s important for you and your family (and your pets!) to keep your fluid levels up.

We’ll drink to that!

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