Walking Barefoot: How Good Is It For You?

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Did you know that if you walk barefoot outside on the ground, this is known as earthing, or grounding? What the heck is earthing, I hear you ask? No, it doesn’t have anything to do with gardening or aliens.

Earthing for health, also known as grounding, is healing the body by connecting to the energy in the ground.

One of the most awesome things about our planet is that it provides us with everything that we need to survive and be healthy, yet we have not harnessed all of this. We have the sun, air, water and food.

But we also have energy from the Earth’s surface.

The Earth’s surface has a supply of free electrons available to us, which can help us with overall health and wellbeing. However, modern life has meant that many of us have become disconnected from the Earth.

Most of us are unaware of the impact that our lifestyles have on our bodies.

As we go about our daily lives, we are disconnected from the Earth– we are inside buildings, with our feet inside insulated shoes. Many of us work in office jobs sitting in front of a computer all day in a room with fluorescent lighting.

We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation from all the electrical appliances we come into contact with. For example lights, laptops, televisions, microwaves etc… We are surrounded by wi-fi technology and are exposed to “dirty electricity”.

We are constantly coming into contact with non-conductive materials. That is, we are in contact with materials that do not carry energy from the Earth.

For example, the soles of our shoes are made from rubber or plastic, which are both electrical insulators. Rubber and plastic stop the flow of electrons from the ground to our bodies.

Even the electrical wiring in the walls in our homes impacts our bodies- regardless of whether we have switched everything off at the power point!

In order to become more connected with the Earth’s energy, we either have to take off our shoes and walk on ground outside, or use conductive materials in our everyday lives, such as an earthing sheet on our bed. We could also reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation we are exposed to- but this is mostly not possible.


earthing for health


Have you ever noticed when you are on a holiday somewhere amongst nature- maybe down on the coast or somewhere in the country, or camping with your kids– how much more relaxed you feel? You probably sleep better too!

You can notice how different the energy is around you when you are out in nature than when you are back at home in the city or suburbia.

This is because when you are out amongst nature, your body is more connected with the electrons from the earth. You are also being exposed to less electromagnetic radiation than when you are living in a populated area.  You are experiencing the positive effects of earthing for health.

Imagine the earthing benefits you receive when you are camping in a tent, when you are sleeping on the ground?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Earthing?

Research has found that when our bodies connect with the electrons from the ground, our body is able to fight pain and inflammation. This happens because the electrons help stabilise the free radicals in our bodies. This is why earthing is referred to as being therapeutic.

Free radicals are atoms that have an unpaired number of electrons.

Free radicals bounce around in our bodies looking for an electron to help stabilise it. They can ‘steal’ electrons from other molecules by attacking cells and tissue.

However, if the body does not have enough antioxidants or there is an excessive number of free radicals, damage can occur. Free radicals make us age faster.

Environmental and lifestyle factors such as pollution, smoking, radiation and herbicides spawn free radicals. Our body’s immune system can also create free radicals to stabilise viruses and bacteria.

Antioxidants in the body help with free radical stabilisation, because they ‘donate’ an electron to the free radical to help stabilise it.

Antioxidants themselves do not become free radicals- they are stable regardless.

Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, are important because they help prevent free radicals from attacking cells and tissue and so prevent the onset of disease.

Earthing for health can help stabilise free radicals by providing the electrons needed for stabilisation.

In a 2012 article on Dr Mercola’s website titled The Ultimate Antioxidant: Fight Premature Aging for Free, it was claimed that earthing helps with reducing stress levels, improves sleep, blood viscosity and reduces inflammation.

Did You Know:

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers uses earthing for health to help him recover from his games and as part of an overall wellness regime that he believes will help him continue to play well into his 30s. He uses earthing to help him recover quicker.

Athletes in the Tour de France also use earthing as part of their recovery program, as you can see from the following 2-minute video. Riders have an earthing bag placed on them at the end of each day’s race, to help draw out the physical strain placed on the body during the gruelling race. Riders find that earthing reduces inflammation and helps improve sleep. This way, the rider sleeps well and wakes up feeling refreshed and fully recovered, ready to continue riding.



Video by Groundology, via Youtube

Earthing is also used by Tour de France participants to accelerate tissue repair when there has been an injury during the race. Participants have been able to recover very quickly from injuries, enabling them to continue and finish the race.

Some of the other health benefits of earthing include:



Reducing insomnia

Helping restore the body’s natural rhythms

Increasing calmness and reducing stress

Helping ease chronic pain

Reducing jetlag

Helping with muscle aches and pains

Helping with adrenal health

Quicker recovery from physical injuries

Improved blood pressure and blood flow


In a 2012 paper written by Chevalier et al in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, scientific evidence has shown that there are significant physiological changes occurring in people who follow earthing techniques.

This can be either by walking barefoot on ground or through using conductive products that transfer the energy from the ground to the person, such as an earthing pad or sheet on a bed. Some people also use special earthing shoes that have conductive properties built into the sole.

If you’re too busy, live in a cold climate or simply don’t have the time to directly connect with earth, your ability to connect with the Earth’s energy might be compromised.

But the earthing products available allow you to connect with the Earth’s energy while going about your normal everyday routine. The products are connected to conductive systems that transfer electrons from the Earth’s surface to your body.

How You Can Try Earthing For Health

Earthing products allow you to experience earthing while you are going about your normal daily routine. Or you can choose to experience earthing while you are sleeping. While we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing and rejuvenating, and using an earthing sheet can help with the repair process. The earthing sheet allows us to sleep better- a lack of sleep or poor quality sleep disrupts the repairing and healing processes.

There are a number of earthing products you can try at home, available for purchase via Amazon.

Ground Smart Earthing Mat With Free Body Band; Universal Earthing Grounding Mat



earthing for health


An earthing mat can be placed under your computer, with your arms resting on it, or you could place the mat on the floor under your feet.

It can also be used while traveling- it is portable enough to pack.

It can also be used by your pets to lay on.

Ground Smart Earthing Half Sheet By Moove; Earthing Sheets, Earthing Bedding Sheets, Grounding Sheet

To help overcome sleep issues, you can try an earthing half-sheet that you lay on when sleeping. The sheet is woven with yards of soft yet conductive silver thread. It is soft and comfortable to lay on, and does not create any extra heat like some earthing sheets can.

The sheet is connected to an earthing rod while the connecting chord is plugged into your power socket. The earthing rod is placed directly into the ground outside your bedroom window.

If you would like some further reading about earthing, then the following book is highly recommended:


Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

earthing for health

If you don’t want to purchase earthing products, then try a few simple ways to connect with the earth. Set aside time each day to walk barefoot on either grass, sand, dirt or concrete. Take your family camping in a tent and experience sleeping on the ground. Place your bed against a wall in your room that does not contain electrical wiring- this may help you sleep better.

Have you ever tried earthing products? Did they help you with any health issues you had? Please share your opinion below.


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