Easy ways to start living better


Your current lifestyle isn’t too healthy- you’ve got a few too many bad habits, your New Year’s Resolution every year is to be healthy, you know you have to change but you don’t know how.

It all seems to hard!

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There’s so much to think about- what you eat, what you drink, how much you exercise, how much you sleep, the chemicals you’re exposed to, the medications you take.

And it feels like being healthy is too expensive- organic food costs more, is harder to find, and tastes weird.

I get it- I’ve been in that position.

While I’m not here to tell you that it’s all going to be easy and overnight you’ll become a walking poster boy or girl for good health, I’m here to offer you a way to get started.

The journey begins with one step- that’s all you need to do. You need to make a simple decision and follow this through with action.

You can choose one small step, and from there, you will start walking in a different direction.

Here are some easy ways to start being healthy- ways that you can get some “quick wins” that will motivate you to keep going on your health journey.


Make a swap

To become healthy, you don’t need to give up absolutely everything you now love and makes you happy, but you can find a healthier substitution.

Love sugary drinks like soda? Swap it for something healthier like a freshly squeezed juice or a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

Drink five coffees a day? Drink fewer, and swap for a juice, herbal tea or cold water.

Find a healthier recipe for take-out food you love. You can make your own nachos, fish and chips, pizza and burgers but make them with natural ingredients. There are so many recipes out there- check out Pinterest!

Cut the chemicals

Learn how to make your own cleaning products. This is one of the easiest ways to cut chemicals out of your life. There are many different recipes using natural ingredients such as baking soda, essential oils, salt, vinegar and other pantry items.

You can start off by using vinegar to wash your windows at home!

Read the label

When you’re grocery shopping, read the labels on packets to find out the ingredients in the food you’re buying. Often, finding out what you’re REALLY eating is enough to motivate you to change. Or you could surprise yourself and find healthier brands!

Learn how to cook

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you can’t cook- start off with one small, simple meal and build up your skills over time. Learn how to cook an omelette, boil some rice, steam some vegetables or grill some meat.

Learning how to cook means you’ll be able to create healthy meals from scratch without resorting to frozen food or take-out. It’s the most important step to eating a healthier diet.

Walk a few blocks

You hate the thought of exercising but you know you need to do it! Why not go for a quick walk around the block? Go for a 15 or 20 minute walk, and each week increase your walks by 5 minutes. Before you know it, a 45 minute walk will be a, um, walk in the park?


How does reading make you healthy? I’m not talking about reading a trashy romance or crime novel. Read everything you can about healthy lifestyles- about food, our bodies, how we can improve our wellbeing, how we can make our homes healthier etc…

The more you read, the more you learn. The more you learn, the more you will be inspired to make even greater changes than the ones I’ve listed here.

These suggestions are simple, quick and mostly easy to try. You don’t need to throw out all the food in your pantry just yet, nor do you need to buy a gym membership. Small, simple steps that will keep you happy and motivated to continue on your brand new healthy journey!

By Christine Carlisle

Christine is a freelance senior writer for Home Health Living and has been writing for us for 4 years. She's a health copywriter with over 10 years experience as a writer. Christine lives alone in a cabin in Maine and was once a hand model while living in New York City. She's a dog person.