9 fruit infused water recipes your kids will actually drink

In this blog I share 9 fun and healthy fruit infused water recipes for the whole family!

Do your kids hate the taste of water? Are you at your wits end trying to convince them to drink more water? We know that water is the healthiest thirst quencher so how do we convince our tribe to drink more water? By giving them fruit infused water!

Growing up, I drank fruit juice and cordial which wasn’t the best option but much better than sodas. But rather than get my kids to only drink fruit juice, I decided to combine the fruit in their water bottles.

This way they are still getting some of the luscious fruit flavorings but they more importantly, drink more water without really realising!

The trick to doing this right is by knowing the fruits your kids love, creating cool and tasty combinations but most importantly, make it FUN! Give your fruit infused water recipes some fun names so that the kids are eager to have a try.

I’ve put together 9 fruit infused water recipe ideas for you to try out. Pick and choose the recipes that you know your kids will enjoy most. If there’s something they hate, leave it out. Trust me, you won’t want to convince them to try it or else they may not want to drink fruit infused water at all!

fruit infused water recipes

Other fun ideas for getting your kids keen on fruit infused water recipes:

-Turn it into a challenge. When they finish their bottle of water for the day, put a sticker on a chart. After 7 days of drinking their water, give them a small reward. This gives kids the motivation to stick to the water drinking routine!

-Have a “recipe of the day” where you get your child to choose the recipe they want which everyone else has to drink. This makes them feel important and independent.

-Get your child to help you chop up the fruit, ready to put in the water. This works well for younger kids who love to get involved in the kitchen!


9 Fruit infused water recipes your kids will actually drink:

fruit infused water recipes

Pink delight: watermelon, strawberry, raspberry

Citrus splash: orange, lemon, lime

Berry burst: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry

Tropicana: pineapple, mango, lemon

Cool as a cucumber: cucumber, watermelon, strawberry

Tutti frutti: strawberry, watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, orange, pineapple

Halloween horror: orange, blueberry

4th July fun: strawberry, blueberry

Summer sunset: blood orange, pineapple, peach


How to help improve the taste of water (so your kids don’t hate drinking it!)

Adding fruit combinations to your water helps improve the flavor of the water, but there are some other things you can do to make the water taste even better.

Usually, kids don’t like the taste of water because they can taste either the chlorine or other metallic contaminants that are unfortunately in tap water.

Here are some suggestions to help improve the taste of your water which, when combined with the fruit combinations, will make your kid enjoy the infusion even more!

Use the best water filter you can afford

I highly recommend investing in a water filter so that you can remove the icky contaminants and taste that kids hate about water.

But this isn’t just about the taste- it’s for their health too, so your whole family will benefit.

You can start with a simple, inexpensive water filter pitcher or go all out and invest in something a lot more advanced.

Read my reviews of the best water filter for your family here.

Refrigerate water before using

Some kids prefer the taste of cold fridge water than water straight from the tap. Make sure you have a water pitcher full in your fridge at all times, especially during the summer.

Use a fun pitcher, bottle or cup

This works even for older kids- trust me! There are so many fun bottles and cups to buy. My kids each have a Harry Potter-themed drink bottle for school. Whatever works in getting them to drink more water is fine by me!

Introduce herbal tea with sweeteners

Herbal teas aren’t something kids generally like to drink, but my kids like the taste of certain herbal teas when I add half a teaspoon of honey.

Flavors like mint or lemon usually work well.

Herbal teas are a great way to increase water intake- but just steer clear of green tea which contains caffeine!

What are your kids’ favorite fruit combos for fruit infused water?

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