How My Natural Health Journey Started

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Those of us who’ve decided to live a healthier way, do so for many different reasons. Our natural health journeys start for different reasons too- it could be to improve health, to manage an illness or condition, or because we’ve done our research and learnt about the impact of not living a natural, healthy way.


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My own natural health journey started when I wanted to lose some weight before a wedding I was going to. Yes, my reason was vanity, but it soon changed to something more real and important to me.

Better health was more than just pounds and calorie counting.

I started to learn about what was in the food that I was eating and feeding my family, and I didn’t like it. I was more aware of how certain foods affected my body- I started paying attention to how my body was feeling.

My natural health journey then went beyond food. I started thinking about my lifestyle and how that was impacting my health.

Was I getting enough sleep? How was stress impacting on my daily life? What would happen if I started meditating?

It’s been almost four years since I began my natural health journey. During these four years, I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve had periods where I have reverted back to eating a less healthy way, or I have neglected to look after myself. But that’s ok, because these moments have been a wake-up call for me.

When I’ve been at my most healthiest, I have felt great! I’ve looked good, I’ve enjoyed healthy eating, my body feels stronger when I exercise, and I am in a happier mood. When I haven’t been at my most healthiest, I’ve realised how this has impacted on my life- stomach pains, lack of sleep, no energy, feeling miserable. Remembering how great I’ve felt when being healthy has got me out of these “unhealthy ruts” and back on track to living healthy and feeling happy.

Are you at the beginning of your natural health journey and finding it hard? Stick at it- it might take you some time, or you might mess up a few times and revert back to unhealthy ways. Kicking a bad habit doesn’t happen overnight! Don’t give up, focus on making small changes often and soon enough you’ll notice a huge difference.

If you’ve been living healthily but have slipped up and picked up some old habits again- don’t beat yourself up! Remember how great you felt when you were at your most healthiest- you can find that feeling again. You can go back to living that way again, if you want to. Take it one day at a time and soon enough, you will be back on track!




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