The greatest day of the year to be a parent

At our house, Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year. It is epic! All other events pale in comparison to Christmas.

Although we look forward to it all year long, the excitement begins to build in November with the Christmas list tradition. Everyone compiles a Christmas wish list. We all help each other think of the things that we might want. This simple tradition sets the stage for the togetherness and unity that the season represents for our family.

best day of the year to be a parent

Anticipation and togetherness

Throughout November, the anticipation builds as the traditions continue. There’s decorating of trees and making Christmas cookies. We attend Christmas parties and parades and drink hot cocoa.

Finally, the big day arrives. No one can sleep the night before and everyone stays up way too late. Despite our late night, everyone eagerly jumps out of bed in the morning; no one wanting to be left out of the initial thrill. We all gather around the tree and open our gifts.

My own anticipation rivals that of my children as I anxiously await the look on each face and the squeals of excitement as they get the first glimpse of the treasures awaiting them inside each pretty package.

Laying a foundation

One of the greatest gifts that we as parents are able to give our children is these happy moments as a family. They need to have a picture of what joy and unity look like so that they can use this as a foundation on which to build their own lives.

best day for parents

Giving and receiving the greater gift

Although in the end, it is our children who receive the gifts, it is us, the parents who receive the greatest gift. Nothing gives us greater joy than being able to give to our children. Although they think that the gift is that of possessions, what we are giving them is far greater.

They are receiving the gift of wonderful memories, the joy of anticipation, and the feeling of belonging. In giving to our children, we receive some of the greatest rewards available in this life. We were responsible for bringing such joy to the lives of those we love most.

We put our heart and soul into making this moment perfect for them so that they will be able to carry it with them throughout life and in return, we are the ones who, I believe, who have received the greater reward.

It’s better to give than to receive

This is why Christmas is considered a time of giving and receiving. Many think that refers to physical gifts. When you choose to give your child the absolute best Christmas ever, you know better. The blessing we receive from giving could never be compared to the gifts we receive under the tree.

Whoever said it is better to give than receive must have been watching their kids open presents on Christmas.

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